Creating a Custom Highlighter & Blush Palette with Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

As a total highlight lover I've been using the incredible Shimma Shimma eyeshadow from Makeup Geek as a pigmented highlighter for quite some time now. This got me thinking what else the brand may have to offer and before I knew it I'd created a stunning custom face palette out of eyeshadows for around £15!

But rewind, as I feel I'm getting giddy here! I knew if I wanted to create a highlighter/cheek palette from only eyeshadow pans I had to do my research! So after looking at endless swatches on similar skin tones to mine I decided to make an order of a few new eyeshadows to add to my existing collection (I also picked up Peach Smoothie!) and to create my first ever custom face palette! As I've been so pleased with my choices and because Makeup Geek has recently lowered their eyeshadow pan prices, making them such a good budget option, I knew I had to share with you!

As I decided on 3 eyeshadow pans I went for a simple Z mini palette. At £5.50, it's inexpensive and does the job! However, although faffy there's no reason you can't just keep the eyeshadows pans you buy in the original packaging, especially if you only want to pick up one or two shades.

Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma Eyeshadow 
£4.95 - Beauty Bay 
As mentioned Shimma Shimma isn't a new eyeshadow to my collection, it's actually one of my favourite highlighters to use on the cheekbones, brow bone and cupid's bow. It's also where my inspiration stemmed from to create an individual custom face palette - so thank you Shimma Shimma! It is definitely a shimmer shade that would work on all skin tones and on my pale skin it comes up as a champagne highlight and it quite similar to my favourite theBalm Mary-Lou Luminizer but at a fraction of the price. Talking of price, incredibly Shimma Shimma is a standard MG eyeshadow even though it's pigmented like a foiled shade which means it's the cheapest eyeshadow pan Makeup Geek do at only £4.95. Just such a pigmented, amazing highlight that made me realise I needed to try more Makeup Geek eyeshadows in this way!

Makeup Geek Whimsical Foiled Eyeshadow
£7.95 - Beauty Bay
When I saw a swatch of Whimsical it instantly reminded me of a shade from the ABH Mood Child palette I've been recently looking/lusting at. This lavender toned silvery pink highlighter needed to be mine! Of course Whimsical would work on the eyes, as would all the shades here, but I truly believe it was destined to be a highlight as it reflects the light a dream and with its lavender tones it's just so stunning on the cheekbones. As this is a foiled eyeshadow a little goes a long way so I apply this with a fine fan brush and find even with a light application it lasts all day. I'm beyond pleased I picked up this shade! Side note - all MG foiled eyeshadows are the most buttery eyeshadows I've ever come across, more so than even Urban Decay... just so amazing!

Makeup Geek Mai Tai Duochrome Eyeshadow
£4.95 - Beauty Bay
Although I could have picked up a matte eyeshadow to use as a cheek blush I decided to go for something unique with my first ever duochrome eyeshadow. This was a bit of a gamble as although very pretty in the pan I just wasn't sure if the apricot base would suit me. But thankfully it did and the hit of pink reflects running through (which sadly don't show in my own swatches!) it just looks amazing on the cheeks! This is totally a shade I will be wearing on my cheeks in summer and would look even more amazing with a bit of a tan. I'm also really excited to use this as an eyeshadow as I've seen quite a few eye looks it which it looks amazing. 

Having thought outside of the box here I've discovered some amazing highlighter shades for such a budget price! Shimma Shimma and Whimsical truly are some of my most treasured highlights now.

If you love a glow just as much as I do then you definitely need to consider these two shades over your next probably more expensive highlighter purchase! 

Fee xo.

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