The Art of Asking for Free Beauty Samples

Free makeup samples

When it comes to asking for free samples it can be daunting, to say the least. From being afraid of approaching busy sales staff to worrying if you will get an outright no, it can be easy to miss out on lots of potential free samples. 

However, there is an art to it! Plus, it can be handy to know which brands are generous and which aren't when it comes to giving out free samples! Which is why I thought a blog post on the subject may come in handy to any fellow beauty lovers. 

My main tips on how to obtain free makeup & skincare samples 

Don't feel embarrassed! 
For the first few years of getting into makeup, remember the feeling of deep embarrassment at even being approached by beauty counter staff... especially the pushy ones! However, from experience, I've found it's much better to be confident and approach sales assistants first to ask about a specific product or range and then ask for samples. Showing an interest and having pre-existing knowledge about a new range will show you are interested and not just chancing any old samples which may be available. Keep in mind skincare samples are giving out much more often than makeup ones but foundation samples can be asked for. It's also much more likely samples will be available for newly launched products. 

If you are buying something from a makeup counter ALWAYS ask if a few free samples are available. You can be specific here if you want to try something or ask for a random selection to try out. Most sales assistants will be more than happy to include a few free samples, they may even be really generous, but you must ask! In the past, I've even been given Charlotte Tilbury samples on request!

Visit counters at less busy times
This is such an obvious one when on the lookout for free samples but is often overlooked. All beauty counter staff will be much happier to help when they aren't rushed off their feet. Think early mornings and late evenings. However, it does have to be reciprocated, by showing an interest in the brand's products and listening to sales patter before asking if you can try a sample of something specific. If you have time even consider a free makeover or having products tested out on your face, this can be daunting at first but at less busy times it should be a much more relaxing experience and using the excuse of having sensitive skin so you can see how the products fair, and to obtain a few samples, usually works and relieves the pressure of buying anything there and then.

Know the generous brands 
As mentioned skincare samples are much more freely given out over makeup samples. While keeping that in mind it also good to know which beauty brands are happy to provide samples without making a purchase first. For hair and skincare samples Aveda, Khiel's and Clinique are very generous and can create a sample for you on the spot in a generic sample vial. Other generous more makeup-based brands include Clarins, Benefit and Bobbi brown, the latter two brands offering foundation vials in your shade that should give 3-6 applications.

As for non-beauty counters, both The Body Shop and Lush are more than happy to help you out when it comes to samples!

Free Lush samples

My favourite brand for free samples!  

From the above image, you may have guessed that my favourite brands for free samples is Lush! They are incredibly generous when it comes to samples of all of their products (excluding makeup) and you can ask to try a sample of most products without making a purchase. For a Lush addict like myself that can't resist buying something, I love to ask for samples before paying as they are even more generous and you are able to be specific asking for samples of products you want to try out.

My personal favourite products to request samples of are soap as they last quite a long time and are the perfect size for beside the sink or to take on holiday. However, the mini black containers are pretty adorable!

If you are a new to asking for free samples I'd highly recommend not over-thinking it (because there isn't anything to overthink to be honest!) and to just get started. Within no time it will feel like the norm and you will benefit from trying products before you buy and being introduced to new products from the brands you love! 

Fee xo.

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