Hero Products from Pixi Worth Buying

This post started life as an overview of the new Pixi collab products with various beauty gurus* but with so many products, some just didn't float my boat and I knew it would end up a long lacklustre post. So I decided to scrap it and feature my absolute favourite Pixi products instead; both new and old! 

Also as I enjoy a well-rounded post I've included a few Pixi products that I haven't got on with, plus what's on my 'next-to-buy' list! Okay... it's gonna be a long one!

*I really do love that Pixi have teamed up with four amazing beauty gurus! However, an overview post of all the products just isn't me. I'd want to review them all and there are a few items, such as the new makeup brush and the brow duo (mainly the clear brow gel)  that I just find slightly dull. But you will see I've featured two of the collaborative products because they are true gems from the collection!

Hero Products

The 'Caroline Hirons' Double Cleanse
£24.00 ASOS HERE
Okay, I know this is called Pixi Double Cleanse,  but to me it's known as the 'Caroline Hirons Cleanser' because it's basically a big deal! I mean Caroline aka the skincare goddess of the internet has never teamed up with any brand before... so it's pretty spec, if you ask me. This product has gone straight to my hero list for three reasons - 1. It makes double cleansing super easy. I've never doubled cleansed more in my life. 2. Both balm and cream cleanser formulas are effective and dreamy feeling 3. It's basically two products that can be used together or separately (cream cleanser in the morning, balm cleanser at night). 

I will say the balm cleanser part of the product is my favourite as the smallest amount literally melts all makeup on the face and can be used on the eyes without any stinging or blurry vision afterwards. But when both cleansers are used my skin just feels so soft and most importantly the cleanest it possibly can be. It also works with all skin types/needs and yes, it's just perfect! 

Pixi Glow Peel Pads/Glow Tonic
£24.00 ASOS HERE | £18.00 Look Fantastic HERE 
Pixi Glow Tonic is a holy grail skincare product on mine but I decided to include both the Glow Peel Pads and the Glow Tonic liquid on my hero list as they are basically the same product but in different forms and one may suit you better than the other for lifestyle reasons (example: if you have the tendance to over apply or you travel a lot then the pads may be a better choice). With glycolic acid properties this is so much more than a toner, literally transforming skin texture and adding so much brightness to the skin when used consistently. It's that good that if I stop using it for more than a week I 100% can feel and see the difference in my skin. That does mean I always need a steady supply of it but it's worth it. If you are still stuck on using a grainy facial scrub please please give this a try and I'm 99% sure you will be impressed with it! 

Pixi ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow Palette
£28.00 ASOS HERE 
For the longest time, I was purely a Pixi skincare fan and was a bit 'meh' when it came to their makeup line. However recently things changed after trying out this new eyeshadow palette. I mean check out those stunning warm toned shades above! I really didn't think I could love another eyeshadow palette as much as my preciouses from Too Faced and Urban Decay, but when shades, pigmentation and formula are as good as this one how can I not?! This is also a collaboration product with ItsJudyTime, who I'm a fan of, so it makes it that extra bit special to me. As you can see from the swatches above there are some absolutely stunning shades and I'm loving using it so much right now. The palette is so versatile so eye looks for both day and night are easy to do, however, I will say against my pale skin the bottom 3 shades are too dark for me and there is some fall-out, but hey ho it's not a big deal! A palette that definitely doesn't look much until you swatch/use it!

Pixi Glowtion Day Dew 
£24.00 ASOS HERE 
I've tried many glow face creams/lotions in the past and once foundation has been applied any glow is gone. So when I tried this I wasn't that hopefully, but thankfully it proved me wrong! Thanks to the strong pigmentation Pixi have pulled this off and it really is radiance enhancing whether worn alone on non-makeup days or under sheer to medium coverage foundation. I also love that an extra layer can be dabbed on anywhere more glow is desired, which I often do once I've applied foundation, in a C-shaped up over my cheekbones and around the eye area and onto the temples. Also thanks to Pixi's quality ingredients it nourishes the skin well and works with all skin types. 

Pixi Lower Lash Mascara 
£11.00 M&S HERE 
I don't know about anyone else but when I apply my everyday mascara to my bottom lashes it just looks too heavy and makes my overall eye look clunky and just too much, especially for daytime makeup. So for the longest time I've gone mascara-free on my bottom lashes. It's no biggie but it can look slightly bare so I need to make sure I smudge a nice warm brown toned eyeshadow along my bottom lashline. But when this ultra fine lower lash mascara came into my life all my wishes were answered. It catches all fine lashes yet doesn't over coat them, there are zero clumps and it makes lashes appear more visible but not overly so. It's basically exactly what I needed! I could go into raptures but I won't because it is just a bottom lash mascara at the end of the day, but trust me, it's a good one!

The Missus

Pixi Moisturising Cleansing Cloths
£10.00 Look Fantastic HERE
I've never been fussy when it comes to makeup wipes but when you are paying £10 per packet you expect them to offer something more or at least cleanse better than a standard £1 packet of face wipes, right? Well, oddly I found these to do neither! In fact, I found them to be pretty dry for a face wipes and they struggled to remove eye makeup. Kind on the skin, yes, but such a let down for me sadly. I do have a feeling that the Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths may be better though from reading some good reviews.

Pixi 24k Eye Elixir 
£22.00 ASOS HERE 
For how effective Pixi skincare products are in general I had high hopes for this eye cream. With it's brightening claims, along with encouraging repair of fine lines I used it pretty much religiously. However, other than the cooling sensation of the metal roller-balm, which sometimes gets stuck, it hasn't done anything! For the price tag I really did expect more and it's a shame Pixi's effective ingredients just aren't in this product. One to avoid if I'm being totally honest!

Next To Buy!

Fairy Dust Favourites in Metallic Warmth
£6.00 On Sale Pixi HERE 
For the longest time I saw these stacked pots of loose eyeshadow on ASOS and didn't think they were anything special. That was until I recently spotted them swatched over on Jasmine Talks Beauty and couldn't believe how stunning they are! These will 100% be my next purchase from Pixi even if I have more than enough gorgeous new eyeshadows right now! 

Let me know if I've tempted you with anything here! 

And if you're a fellow Pixi fan let me know your favourite products, please! 

Fee xo.

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