Spring Nude Lip Liner Lineup

Over the past year I've come to love lip liners. Before this, I'll admit I didn't see the point in lip liners (I don't know what I was thinking) but now I've seen the light/effects and can't get enough of them. As I love to wear them alone, mainly, I enjoy nude shades that create a slightly stronger Cupid's bow and a fuller lip effect.

I also believe a creamy nude lip liner all over the lip is very flattering and works well with Spring or natural makeup. So I decided to select 5 of my favourite lip liners from light to darker nude shades that are totally worth buying in my opinion. (All swatches at the bottom of this post)

Lottie Slay All Day Liner Pencil 'Squad' - £3.99
Oddly, I'm started with my latest lip liner purchase from the new Lottie Slay All Day lip liner range. After spotting the new launch on ASOS and loving the look of the lightest shade 'Squad' I decided I needed it. This is one shade lighter than my own lip colour and a pretty neutral looking nude on my lips (it's slightly more peach toned in real life). This makes it ideal as a base as it allows lipstick colours to look exactly like they do in the bullet! It's also a good one for slightly over lining the lips with to make them appear larger. On application it is slightly drying but once dusted with loose translucent powder or with a lipstick/lip cream applied over it that goes away. A good budget option if you want to neutral lip before applying lipstick.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner 'Pillow Talk' - £16
This has to be one of the most talked about lip liners ever... in fact it's the lip liner that made me love lip liners! This for a lot of people is a "my lips but better" shade and is as it describes... a lip cheat. The natural rose pink nude mimics the natural shade of most lips well, making this an ideal liner for enhancing the Cupid's bow and making the lips appear naturally larger. It's just totally foolproof as long as the shade is a match for your lip colour, although there are other nude shades available. It also feels comfortable and creamy on the lips and stays put most of the day. A pricey lip liner, but totally worth it! 

Illamasqua Slick Stick 'True' - £12.50 On Sale 
A true pinky nude lip liner here that I love to wear alone, all over the lips. The formula in it's handy retractable packaging applies well, however it does have a slightly harder feel than the above two liners, but this means it literally doesn't budge on the lips! One of my prettiest lip liners to wear and I'm thankful for picking it up on sale, as at full price, £18.50, it's just too high end for me and I'd always opt for another Charlotte Tilbury liner instead. However, all Illamasqua lip liners are worth checking out when on sale.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner 'Mauve Moment' - £4.99
A few weeks ago now I fancied a new lip liner, so I headed to Boots and got hand swatching. I was torn between a creamy line of L'Oreal lip liners and the Max Factor Colour Elixir lip liners, however, I decided on the latter due to the shade ' Mauve Moment' a plum toned nude that I didn't have anything similar to in my collection. Against my fairly pale skin this is definitely a deeper nude shade and without a doubt has that 90's feel to it whilst remaining flattering. My only criticism is that the formula is slightly tacky/waxy feeling on the lips but it's nothing a dusting of loose powder doesn't solve. For the price this line of lip liners really in worth looking at... I know I will be adding a few more shades to my arsenal soon. 

Revlon Colorstay Lipliner 'Nude' - £6.29
Now Revlon may be liars for calling this shade 'nude' because it's very much a brown lip liner but hey ho, I won't hold it against them. This is my darkest lip liner and one I only wear under dark lip colours as it neutralises my lip colour, creating a good base, and holds lipsticks well. It does have a slight sparkle to it which may actually be nice when worn all over the lips on anyone with a darker complexion but for me the sparkle definitely doesn't show through any lip colours which I'm glad of. If you are into darker lip liners then this is certainly one to swatch when next in Boots/Superdrug. 

Out of this little lot I would have to say Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk is my favourite. But I'm quite excited to have discovered the new Lottie Slay All Day Lip Liners - creamy and such a good shade range.

If you're a fellow lip liner lover I'd love to know your favourite nude liners - I need more! 

Fee xo.

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