eBay Bargains #75 - On the Dressing Table


Today I felt like sharing some of my recent homeware finds on eBay but to combine it beauty I thought I'd make it dressing table themed. 

I absolutely love my dressing table area, from the storage I've picked up, mainly inexpensively from eBay (see my storage here), to the little extras that not only look pretty but are functional.

Below I've selected a range of items that I love and hope you will too!

'Hello Gorgeous' Mirror £9.99 HERE
I'm currently on the look out for a new vanity mirror, mine is pretty standard but annoyingly spins round at a single touch due to the loosening of a screw somewhere, arghh. So it's definitely time for a new one! This is one of my favourite finds so far, it's inexpensive, it tilts (good for when applying mascara), it's not just your standard small circular mirror and it has the cute addition of 'Hello Gorgeous' engraved to the bottom of the mirror. It's also from the Argos outlet shop on eBay so I think I will be ordering ASAP and picking up via their click & collect service.

Acrylic Cotton Pad Holder £1.42 HERE
An acrylic holder for cotton pads it's totally not an essential, but it you want an organised neat-looking desk without a half used packet of cotton pads laying about then this is a super cheap option! I almost always remove my makeup first with micellar water on a cotton pad so I quite like the idea of storing them neatly.

Makeup Plant Pot Holder £1.88 HERE
I have a few of these metal plant pots now and they are ideal to store a large amount of makeup brushes in! They are quite deep so I have filled mine half way with dry rice which allows each brush to be fully seen and placed separately from each other. Super cheap and worth it!

Rose Gold Brush Set £5.19 HERE
Talking of makeup brushes I thought I'd share one of my most favourite eBay bought brush sets to date. A really good selection of brushes that are such a steal for the appearance and quality of them. I highly recommend these if you fancy some pretty new brushes!

LED Rose Gold Lamp £24.71 HERE
As you may have guessed I love all things rose gold and so I couldn't not share this amazing LED lamp that is beyond multipurpose. As you can see the dimmable lamp folds into all different shapes and can even be wall mounted or even used as a phone stand when watching videos etc! It's also totally wireless and charges via USB which is pretty fab! A really impressive and pretty desk lamp if you ask me.

Grey/Pink Makeup Storage Organiser £12.99 HERE
A lovely storage unit/organiser here, that would be ideal for storing a few beauty products on and also jewellery in the two drawers that you want to keep save. These are different colour options available but I personally love the look of dove grey and blush pink together. Really stylish and pretty for any desk. 

Rose Gold Phone Desk Stand £3.99 HERE
More rose gold! A phone stand, especially one that allows for phone charging at the same time is one of my desk essentials! I personally use mine to watch YouTube videos on when getting ready, to follow along makeup tutorials and to just store my phone one when listening to my Spotify play list. Available in all different shades to the listing but the rose gold shade has to be the prettiest.

24 Lipstick Acrylic Holder £11.29 HERE
I can't get enough of pretty ways to store/organise makeup. If you're a lipstick lover like myself then you will know the struggles of finding a good dust-free solution that keeps them organised yet visual, so that you actually use more than just your favourite shades. This for me may just be the most ideal solution as it perfectly stores a large amount of lipsticks and I know would look so gorgeous filled up. Also, this is the cheapest I've ever seen storage like this before!

Antique Style Brass Vanity Mirror £14.99 HERE
Lastly, I came across this amazing Anthropologie-esque vanity mirror (available in two sizes) that really is something different. Really delicate and unique looking for a vanity mirror, yet it would still work well amongst more contemporary dressing table items. The larger size is quite a bit more in price but looks amazing and ideal if you want a large vanity mirror to apply your makeup into.

I really hope you've found a few lovely but cheap buys here!

Fee xo.

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