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For years I've only really spoken about budget beauty on Makeup Savvy. But none surprisingly I love me some high-end makeup! I mean who doesn't?

But I feel I have the balance right when it comes to how I spend my money on beauty products, probably with an 80/20 approach, okay maybe 70/30, with the majority of the products bought from high street stores and costing £5-10. But today I wanted to share the beauty brands that I feel are worth the spend, whether that's the occasional splurge or saving up for! 

Charlotte Tilbury
For instant perfection
Available from Charlotte Tilbury & Cult Beauty 
The frugal in me sees Charlotte Tilbury makeup as a real luxury! For that reason I don't own much from the ultra desirable brand, but what I do own I absolutely adore. If you are looking for products that will perfect in a sweep of a brush then this is the makeup brand to look at. If you are in the market for a new foundation I would highly recommend looking at their base products, my favourite has to be Magic Foundation (£30.00) as it is sheer magic at diffusing all imperfections in the skin (see my full review here), however, Light Wonder (£32.00) will be my Spring foundation as it's more sheer and dewy. As for lips, Lip Cheat Lip Pencil (£16.00) in Pillow Talk is one of their bestselling products and I can totally understand why as it matches most lips perfectly making them appear naturally fully. I never thought I'd say it (because I assumed it was just another lip liner), but it's the best £16 I've ever spent on a single makeup purchase! For a touch of luxury I will always go for something from Charlotte Tilbury now.

Kat Von D
For long lasting makeup
Exclusive to Debenhams 
For me, Kat Von D makeup is all about the long lasting yet comfortable formulas. Everything I've tried so far, and I've tried quite a bit, lasts neary all day... and that's including lip products, but thankfully they have avoided that thick tightening feeling that I normally associate with makeup with staying power! Finally! Let's start with KVD's iconic Tattoo Liner (£16.00). This is hands down my favourite liquid liner to use, granted you still need to know how to apply liquid liner but if you have the basics down then this will make it a breeze. From the flexible but firm precise brush tip that is able to do the finest of lines to the smudge-proof jet black formula that literally doesn't go anywhere (come tears, Hay fever, eye rubbing, you name it!) and it's as comfortable as a pencil liner to wear - zero pulling on the eyes. As for lip products, again expect long-lasting formulas in both the 'Everlasting' Liquid Lipstick (£17.00) and 'Studded Kiss' Lipstick (£17.00) ranges. Talking of the latter the formula does have a slightly gritty feel but I'm almost sure this is the reason they stay put through both eating and drinking, they also come with the most amazing shade range. As for KVD's liquid lipsticks, they are up there with the most long lasting formulas, yet they aren't overly drying, something I was beyond pleased with! I've yet to try any base products other than the Shade & Light Face Contour Palette 37.00), another love, but I'm imagining them to be just as long lasting as the products I've tried to date. Next to try is Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer as I've heard so many amazing things about it!

Too Faced
The cutest makeup brand around
Available from Debenhams & Selfridges 
Unless you dislike anything cutesy, in which case you're dead to me (I joke), once you've tried a single Too Faced product you will be hooked. I'm talking seriously hooked. From their impressive edible smelling products (how they created an eyeshadow palette that smells of chocolate I do not know) to their tongue in cheek named products and then their glorious formulas, shade ranges and packaging, what's not to love! Whether you pick up a clearly Polly Pocket inspired blusher or one of their cult eyeshadow palettes it will be an item that will be cherished in your makeup collection, trust me. My personal favourites are the 'Melted' Liquid Lipsticks 19.00) the Chocolate range is just a-mazing!), of which I have 4/5 I think now and can't get enough of the creamy shades, scent and comfortability on the lips. I'm also a huge fan of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (£19.00), I always note that excess mascara needs to be wiped off onto the tube, but with that done you can create the most volumised fluttering eyelashes. I'm also loving my newest item from Too Faced; the 'Chocolate Bar' Eyeshadow Palette (39.00)  which has an amazing mix of neutral matte and shimmer shades that I frankly can't stop sniffing - oops! 

Urban Decay
For outstanding makeup palettes
Available from Feel Unique & Debenhams 
Urban Decay has been a long-time favourite of mine. Granted, they have come a long way since their verging on tacky 70's disco-inspired Rollergirl Palette circa 2011. But they have always been consistently good, especially when it comes to palettes. Expect buttery eyeshadows across all eyeshadow palettes with lots of gorgeous neutral wearable shades. Without a doubt, my favourite line of palettes from UD are the Naked palettes with the Naked Basic palette (£24.00) being my favourite multi-purpose compact. But my latest favourite that suits my current matte eyeshadow obsession is the Naked Ultimate Basics palette (£39.50), so many amazing shades to pick from! 

There's no denying makeup can be expensive but pick from any of the above brands and it will be money well spent in my opinion. 

Let me know your ultimate favourite makeup brand here - I think mine would have to be Charlotte Tilbury!

Fee xo.

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