The Best Smelling Budget Shower Gels

I'm a shower kind of girl. They are quick, easy and semi-relaxing. Okay, I just don't own a bath. 

Because of this sad lack of bath fact, I do know how to make the most out of my shower time. The key - colour-changing mood lighting here (not essential, but it's as simple as changing a bulb) and amazing smelling shower gels that correspond to your mood! 
Okay, that may seem a little much but simply put, think fruity energising shower gel for morning showers and more subtle calming scents for winding down evening showers. 

Also unless you have money to flitter away I kind of feel spending more than £5-10 on a shower gel is a little excessive. So I've only included my favourite budget shower gels that smell god damn amazing below for you! 

Side note - There's never been more of a time that I wished my blog has a scratch and sniff element to it. Because these are some highly scented shower gels that will literally fill your entire shower with their gorgeous aromas. 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash 
£6.50/500ml Boots HERE
Soap & Glory are one of the most popular choices when it comes to bath/shower products and rightly so because they know how to do scents. Scrap their original scent, Sugar Crush is where it's at especially if you want a zesty energising shower. I'd describe the Sugar Crush scent across the full range as lime lemonade. It's very lime-y but also fizzy/sugary smelling! It's also very addictive if you love zesty smells... I have it in body cream, fragrance and scrub form! It's also a nice cream formula that foams well with a slightly cooling sensation on the skin. Definitely, one to pop in your shower come Spring/Summer. 
For a more yummy 'baked goods' type smell try S&G Rich & Foamous. 

Korres Showergel
£8.00/250ml (currently Buy 1 Get 1 Free!) M&S HERE
If you are looking for a luxury feel when it comes to your shower gel but without the spend then I can't recommend Korres Showergels more highly. Plus now it the time to try them if you haven't already as M&S currently have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on the full range! Along with their no nasties list of ingredients and stylish packaging, Korres offer a solid range of fairly uniquely scented shower gels. Currently, in my shower I'm using 'Santorini Vine' to take me away from Winter and the new scent 'Lavender Blossom' which is perfect for just-before-bed showers and is a modern, clean take on the classic lavender scent. Santorini Vine is definitely a unique shower gel scent that I'm absolutely loving, it somehow subtly transports you to a greek vineyard on a warm but slightly breezy day. I'm aware that sounds ridiculous but it's that much of a joy to use and such an uplifting scent without being overly heady. 

Patisserie De Bain Sweet as Cherry Pie Shower Creme
£3.99/200ml Rose & Co HERE
Okay, some of you may not be as addicted to cherry-scented products. But if you love anything lemon, orange, strawberry, violet or cranberry scented then head to the Patisserie De Bain website right away. Because this brand offers the most insanely scented products I've ever come across! But focusing on the shower gel currently in my shower, Sweet as Cherry Pie is the same smell as the syrup left over from fresh cocktail cherries (the same as I use to drink as a child. Sorry teeth!). If you don't have a clue what I'm going on about, don't worry just imagine a whole punnet of the juiciest cherries and you are getting close to the scent of this shower gel. It's also a strangely pleasing raspberry red gel that foams up amazingly even when using the smallest amount. I seriously can't get enough of this shower gel along with the matching hand cream, of which I have two of; one on a side table in my living room and one next to the bed! 

Lush The Comforter Shower Gel
£4.95 /100g Lush HERE
Bringing it back to a relaxing scented shower gel now, I had to include The Comforter from Lush. This is the creme de cassis of the shower gel world - fact! It's strong blackcurrant notes are strangely comforting and I often reach for this when I'm either ill or sad. As the bottle describes this is a cuddle in a bottle and something you will want to massage over your skin and take the time to enjoy! It's also subtly uplifting, there's no obvious freshness or zing to the blackcurrant scent but it can definitely lighten your mood or relax you dependant on the time of day. As for the formula, it's extremely runny for a shower gel, so you have to take care to only pour out a small amount as it also foams up well. I've tried a few shower gels from Lush now but this will always be my firm favourite. 

Imperial Leather Fruit Chew Shower Cream 
£1.00/250ml most supermarkets or Boots HERE
Lastly, I thought I'd include a cheap and highly accessible shower gel. This is one of the scents from the Imperial Leather Sweets range which I enjoyed covertly smelling on my last food shopping trip. I was tempted by the marshmallow scent but in the end I decided on Fruit Chew because I do enjoy a good sugar smelling shower gel from time to time. This very much reminds me of a fruity chewy sweet, the name isn't coming to me, but it's beyond sugary and tropical smelling with hints of pineapple and mango. It's not the most refined shower gel and could easily be a Matey Bubble Bath and enjoy by toddlers but I love it none the less. It's cheap, it's fun and it's definitely uplifting! Side note/question - Does anyone else remember the little rectangle foil Imperial Leather label on their soaps that would still be there even when the soap was used down to a slither?

So there you have it, the best smelling shower gels on a budget! 

If you have any cheap shower gel recommendations for me to try next let me know in the comments below. 

Fee xo.

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