eBay Haul - What I Bought in January 2017

After a bit of a break from my eBay haul posts due to the materialism that is Christmas, I'm very much back! I've got my savvy eBay ways back as it were!

You may be happy to know that I have not one, but two eBay makeup brushes reviews coming up soon that really are amazing on all fronts! But for now, I thought I'd share with you a few humble buys that on average cost me no more than a magazine would cost. Hope this gives you a better look of some of the eBay items I may have featured in the past month or so, along with a few extras that I couldn't resist!

Perfume Bottle Design Stickers - £2.40 HERE
Show me cute stickers and I will buy them! I may not have any need for them, but I can't resist them! So when I landed on these perfume stickers last week, I had to have them. I will find a use for them but for now I'm enjoying admiring how detailed and I guess 'branded' they are! From Chanel to Marc Jacobs and even YSL, these stickers showcase some of the most loved and well-known scents, all beautifully detailed in an illustrated watercolour style which I really love! These would work well in a scrapbook or a planner of any kind but also could be used as envelope stickers or even given as a gift. 

Black Daisy Choker  - 99p HERE 
One of my last-minutes 99p bargains here that I thought I'd throw into my basket. A simple choker that's a row of connecting daisy flower shapes with an expandable chain-style clasp. Nothing amazing but it's a choker that you would expect to pay £3-4 for normally. A nice little choker to add to my collection. 

Village Candle Double Wick Candle in Honey Creme and Cozy Cashmere  - £12.99 HERE
I've mentioned more than a few times that I enjoy Village Candles over Yankee Candles; although they appear almost identical, I find Village Candle candles much more true-to-scent. Ebay is my shop of choice when it comes to buying them, whether in jar candle or votive candle form, as they virtually don't exist in shops, well unless you get really lucky and a card/gift shop you visit stocks them. Anyway, so this time I went for a 2-wick Honey Creme jar candle, which includes vanilla beans, honey, sweet cream and cinnamon. It's sweet, warm and comforting and just what you'd imagine them scents combined to smell like. The honey is there but it's beautifully mellowed by the sweet cream and vanilla scents. I've been burning it all times of the day and literally can't get enough of it.

I also recently picked up Cozy Cashmere, again a 2-wick jar candle, because I find them just the right size. This scent contains fresh air, woods, vanilla and white florals to create a unique warm fresh linen type scent. I've always loved fresh cotton/linen scents but this is almost the winter version as it's not only fresh but warming and sweetened by the vanilla, actually kind of like your favourite cashmere jumper, freshly washed and with a sweet vanilla perfume lightly spritzed over it. This makes my home smell clean yet homely and it's definitely a candle I like to burn early evening. Both candles have an approximate 55-hour burn time and have an incredible scent throw without being headache-inducing. So pleased with my new candle scents!

 Nail Art Finger Ring - £1.00 HERE
A very random purchase here and the exact reason why I love eBay! Never had I seen anything like this before until I came across this listing and knew it would come in handy. If you are into your nail art then you will know the pain of pouring multiple pools of nail polish onto a scrap piece of card or piece of paper and then dipping back and forth between that and your nails, often dripping nail polish as you do. This clever little ring means you can apply a small amount of nail polish right next to the nails, speeding up the process. I can't wait to try this out when I'm next applying a bit of nail art onto my nails.

W7 Lemon Meringue Eyelid Primer - £2.70 HERE
Another last-minute purchase was this interesting anti-redness eye primer. Although I enjoy W7, I now tend to stay away from their more copy-cat products as they often focus more on the packaging than the actual product I've found. So a simple compact like this that isn't copying another brand appealed to me, plus with often pigmented eyelids I've been looking for a product to counteract that. I've used this cream product quite a lot already as it works a treat to conceal pigmentation and when set with a transparent loose powder it doesn't budge. Really pleased with this product; it does the job and for under £3!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Seduction £3.99 HERE and Embrace HERE
As I'm currently loving comfortable matte lip creams I decided I needed to finally try the much loved Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors. I'm all about nude shades so went with the popular choice of Seduction and then came across a listing that includes some of the extra U.S shades, so I also picked up Embrace which seemed a perfect choice for my pale complexion. Both shades are absolutely lovely and so flattering. I wouldn't say they are true matte lip creams as they don't fully dry down but they do have a suede-like finish to them that diffuses lines in the lip and stays comfortable. (Top swatch - Seduction, Bottom swatch - Embrace)

Liquid Glitter Phone Case - £3.75 HERE
As I always say, it wouldn't be a Makeup Savvy eBay post without including at least a single phone case. After buying my sister an amazing rose gold glitter phone case here, I decided I needed something similar. Actually, I somehow bought the wrong one, hence why the glitter isn't rose gold. However I'm still pleased with it, the glitter moves around well in the case and I love the mix of fine glitter and the slightly holographic stars included in the case. It's also a really strong sturdy case that protects the phone well. Would definitely recommend both listings.

What do you like the most here? 

Fee xo.

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