NIOD Dermal Science Skincare Set QVC TSV & Review (£90 Saving)

Today I want to talk about an amazing skincare offer from NIOD.

Now if you know my style of blogging then you will know I don't often hone in on one specific brand, this isn't sponsored FYI, however over the past 6 months I've been slowly switching my skincare to something a bit more grown-up and luxury. This is where NIOD comes in, and although their tag line of  "skincare for the hyper-educated" doesn't really apply to me as scientific explanations for products frankly go over my head, I've yet to dislike a single product from the brand and my skincare routine is becoming more and more saturated by them. 

If you are looking for highly effective skincare that will almost instantly work then NIOD is for you.
Their prices vary from product to product but on the whole they are more high-end and I personally wouldn't go and buy up a few products at a time. But when it comes to offers they are thankfully generous and you can often make quite the saving!

This particular set named NIOD's 4 Piece Dermal Science Skincare Set costs only £49 but is worth a staggering £140 - what a saving! However, as it's QVC's Today's Special Offer it's only around until midnight tonight (Friday 2nd February) and may sell out before the end of the day due to QVC's loyal skincare enthusiasts and NIOD fans. Below you can find information of each product (suitable for all skin types) included in the NIOD set plus my own opinions on them, to help you decide if you want to snap up the offer or just put a certain product of your to-buy list. There is one key product here that I've just been blown away and is the most effective deep-cleansing treatment I've ever tried and has resulted in the least amount of visible pores I've ever seen on my face!

The Products
(In order of how they should be used) 

Sanskrit Saponins (RRP £21.00)
First up is an intense cleansing balm that can also be used as a 5-minute treatment. Unlike most cleansers this is designed to cleanse makeup-free skin to give amazing long-lasting results. Perfect for all skin types the cleanser will clean the surface layer of dead skin without peeling it, while intensely cleaning pores. SS is a cleanser that will literally leave your skin looking pore-free because it's thoroughly cleans.. And best of all the results last and pores stay free of visible oil. 
Mini Review - I decided to jump straight in with this cleanser and applied it as a 5-minutes treatment as I was on the verge of using a few Biore Pore Strips on my nose and chin due to such visible blackheads. I wasn't expecting wonders but after removing the cleanser I was amazed to see totally clear pores and no more blackheads. Literally a first with any product I've used to target blackheads before! Whether you decide to go for the QVC TSV or not, this is amazing products for anyone that is wanting to deep clean their skin without stripping it. 

Copper Animo Isolate Serum 1.00% (RRP £38.00)
Oh geez, the science behind this product is just too much, so I'm not even going to try (there's the NIOD website if you know your stuff) and so I will basically explain what it does. Firstly the serum comes in two parts; an unusual blue liquid which is the activator and then there is the serum, which you have to combine together before use. Then a small amount can be applied to the face after cleansing. The serum aims to maintain healthy looking skin by reducing visible textural damage, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and a general lack of radiance in the skin. 
Mini Review - The serum starts to give visible results after 5 days with visible continued improvement in all areas with continued use. So I'm just on the cusp of that, however, my skin since using the above cleanser along with the other NIOD products has never looked better, just so bright and clear. I definitely look forward to having a more radiant look to my skin though! 

Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (RRP £25.00)
This product contains a whopping 12 forms of hyaluronic acid for comfortable, plumped skin. This is like the after-treat that rounds everything off nicely making sure your skin is suitably hydrated and full of life basically.
Mini Review - With my skin swinging from dehydrated and dry to spot-inducingly oily from month to month, so a product like this has been needed for a long time. Although it hydrates and plumps the skin a dream it soaks in and doesn't add to my oily skin type what so ever. With using so many strong effective products I feel this is the icing on the cake to make my skin happy and comfortable. Really looking forward to using this as my daily moisturiser.

NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (RRP £43.00) 
Lastly, we have a complex eye treatment that combines 28 clinical technologies to target many signs of ageing around the eye and even above the eye on the actual eye lid. It aims to reduce signs dynamic lines, static lines, fine superficial under-eye lines, loss of elasticity (especially on the eyelids), dark circles, puffiness and textural unevenness, with visible results starting in 3 days and improving in 8 weeks with continued use. Pretty impressive I'd say! If you already had your eye on this then Today's Special Value on QVC is such a steal?! 
Mini Review - I'm two days into using the concentrate and can say it's like no other eye treatment I've tried, in a good way! So far I haven't seen any changes but I'm so pleased to finally come across an eye product that can treat the eyelids and under brow area as well and the under-eye! Although I don't have many signs of ageing, just a few fine lines that I'm hoping will disappear within the 8 weeks, I do have quite thin eyelids that I feel lack elasticity so I'm eager to see how it can change that - I promise to do an update if I see notable improvements! I also feel it's important to mention that most eye cream/gels cause small spots to appear around my eye area due to my oily skin type however so far so good with this. 

You can find the limited quantity set available here until midnight tonight.

If NIOD isn't for you due to how much you like to spend on skincare, or should that be not spend, then I highly recommend looking at The Ordinary which is housed under the same brand as NIOD and with prices around the £5 mark it gives you a slice of advanced science skincare without the price tag. Find my blog post introduction to The Ordinary line here.

Have you tried NIOD before?
I think I may be getting converted to science-based skincare brands!

Fee xo. 

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