Are These 'Beauty Mistakes' Worth Giving Up?

Today I want to talk 'beauty mistakes'; the taboos of the beauty world that we should all apparently be not doing. Are these sneaky lies fed to us by lucrative beauty companies? Or important guidelines that are wise to follow? 

Here are 5 'beauty mistakes' that you may very well be doing. Along with my personal verdict on whether you should be giving them up or not!

Washing your face in the shower
Did you know that washing your face in the shower was a skincare sin?  Nope, neither did I until a few months ago. Even just letting the water run over your face is apparently bad! Why? Because your shower water will be much hotter than what you would normally wash your face in and the water pressure could also be doing damage! I've done this all my life and have seen zero signs of damage to my skin, however I guess if you start seeing visible capillaries on your cheeks then you may want to at least face away from the shower spray. Verdict: Keep it

Keeping your makeup for too long
According to your makeup packaging you should be throwing out your makeup after 3-18 months. But is this a sneaky tactic by makeup companies or is there real truth behind it. From doing my own research I believe it's a bit of both, of course makeup has a shelf life but ditching a mascara after 3 months of non-continuous use is a bit excessive! I personal like to use my own judgement; anything feeling thick and gloopy is gone, a change in smell... it's gone, you get the idea! I think it's more important never to share your own makeup and just keep good hygiene when using it. Verdict: Keep it (but use your own judgement)

Sleeping in your makeup 
After a long day getting into bed without cleansing your face is easy to do. I know I did it a lot in my late teens, although it was mainly alcohol induced rather than having a long day, oops! But did it wreak havoc on my skin? Well, kinda! I had the odd blemish but looking back I realise my skin texture is much better than in once was and although a better skincare routine may be why, I'm sure thoroughly cleansing my skin before bed has only helped. Makeup basically suffocates the skin and sleeping in it if you want a clear complexion is a no-no. Verdict: Give it up!

Not cleaning your makeup brushes 
I kind of feel like washing makeup brushes is on par with unloading the dishwasher or pairing up freshly washed socks - a boring chore that needs to be done. However, unlike the latter two chores you can easily keep makeup brushes unwashed for months, even years! But the simple fact is that brushes do harbour bacteria which can cause blemishes, especially those that are used with liquid or cream products. Also, brushes don't do the job as well when they have excess product coating the bristles along with oil from the skin. Basically, brushes need to be washed! Even if that means you take your makeup brushes in the bath or shower with you (a post-rinse may be required!) as long as it gets done weekly or at the very least, bi-monthly. Verdict: Give it up!

Using only makeup wipes to remove your makeup
Ahh, the taboo of the beauty world! But something a lot of women do! I personally couldn't live without makeup wipes, but then I couldn't live without my facial wash or cream cleanser either. But then again I do wear quite a bit of makeup and I have an oily/combination skin type, so I feel that thoroughly removing my makeup is important. But possibly if you have a normal skin type and wear little makeup you may be able to get away with just using face wipes! Personally, if you want to ensure good skin that will age well then using other cleansing products such as an oil or balm cleanser to make sure all makeup is removed is a good idea. Verdict: Keep it (along with other cleansing products)

Do you agree with my verdicts? Let me know! 

Fee xo.

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