eBay Bargains #72 - Cactus & Succulent Finds

In my past few eBay Bargains posts I've featured a few plant related items (succulent keyrings here & cactus pens here, both 99p). As they went down well I thought I'd expand on that today!

Below are some lovely but bargainous finds for all cactus and succulent lovers alike.

Fine Cactus Necklace £1.20 HERE
Pineapple necklaces may be everywhere, but what about cactus/cacti? necklaces?! This one is surprisingly not tacky and comes in both gold and silver. Already bought!

Cactus Theme Phone Cases £1.99 left HERE 99p right HERE 
A true cactus lover has a cactus phone case - fact. These two cases are cute and girly, but not overly so. My fav has to be the right one, with the sweet heart patterned plant pots and the watercolour illustration style.

Succulent Plant Stickers £2.99 HERE
Who wouldn't want plant stickers? I'm sure a lot of people, really. But if succulents float your boat, as they do mine, then these cute stickers will make a cute addition to your diary/planner. Or just for randomly sticking on things! IDK okay... they are just cute!

Terrarium Enamel Pins 99p each HERE
Enamel pins are very on trend right now, as are terrariums, so this is a match made in heaven really. These actually look well made and quite unique really. You can also find some cute cactus pins here.

Cactus & Succulent Cushions £3.06 HERE, £2.59 HERE & £2.76 HERE
I let out an audible "ooo" when I came across these lovely cushion covers last week. Actually these cushions are the reason I decided I needed to do a succulent/cactus themed eBay post! Listings contain quite a few different designs and sizes

Cactus Sticky Notes £2.99 HERE
My new favourite thing to buy on eBay, after phone cases and stickers that I never use, are post-it notes. I mean how can I resist them when there are so many amazing novelty ones out there that I've never seen before! I of course bought one of the designs but I'm sure I will be buying a few more because I have no self restraint when it comes to amazing 99p eBay items like this!

Hanging Succulent Wall Stickers £3.99 HERE
Now I don't have a clue what the quote/writing with this decal says/means, but I do know that this may be the best decal ever! An amazing price for 7 separate decals that can be placed together or individually and especially amazing if you are the sort that ends up killing all plants. One of my favourite finds! 

Hanging Glass Terrariums 99p each HERE
Lastly if you have green fingers then these glass terrariums may interest you. I'd personally hang a few of them with twine and place some air plant in them. Or with a bit of gravel and soil you could plant baby succulents in them. Really different and quite sweet. 

If you're a plant lover then I hope you've found some bargain finds here! 

Fee xo.

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