A Whole New Look for Makeup Savvy

Happy Monday and welcome to my spanking new blog! 

Okay, the content is the same but things are looking pretty different, and I'm beyond glad for it!

You see, I've been thinking my little ol' blog has been looking lackluster for a while now, a while being 6-8 months, but as I'm not a take-the-bull-by-the-horns kinda' girl I've been putting it off and basically umm'ing and ahh'ing about it. But then I had a strange and seemingly unconnected thought - this is the last full year of my 20's (cue mini meltdown!) and with that revelation I realised that my blog too is no longer as fluffy or young. Thankfully my blog and the topics I write about have grown with me... however, I can't say the same for the blog design and the aesthetics of it. It was all very all over the place with no clear style.

So I finally sat down and decided on exactly what I wanted and how I'd like Makeup Savvy to be viewed going forward. One of my main passions when it comes to blogging is the photography side of it, so images will now take centre stage on the homepage! I also wanted clearer navigation, which I'm getting there with. But if you can't find something then the handy drop down search bar should be able to!

What do you think of it? I'd love to know! (side note - the pages are still a work in progress)

For now, my posts will stay the same, with hopefully more creative imagery and topics. However, I hope to feature more engaging content surrounding beauty as I love a good ramble and makeup review after makeup review just doesn't cut it for me anymore. Fans of my eBay Bargain posts will also be pleased to know that I will be featuring more reviews of actual products so that you can see them beyond their stock images and get my full opinions.

An important note -  If this all comes across as trying to be a bit high brow and kicking it with the designer bag crew (I did just type that, oops!), fear not, I feel my niche is still firmly in talking about affordable beauty and being wise when it comes to higher end purchases.

I really hope you enjoy browsing and reading from this more 'grown up' beauty blog and hopefully will gradually see changes that reflect my age and personality!

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