eBay Haul - What I Bought in September

eBay haul time again! 

Before writing this post I didn't think I'd had a very active month on eBay, however this haul tells a different story. However I may be feeling like that because it was one of my lowest spending months with most items costing me only £1-3! 

As always the items are from a mix of UK and China sellers, so if you want anything in a hurry make sure you check the delivery times. I also get asked if eBay items from China come with custom charges and they 100% do not. You do have to be careful when purchasing anything from the U.S however.

Gel Nail Polishes

Gold Bottle UV Gel Nail Polish - Shade 59 
£2.49 (LINK HERE)
So this may just be the prettiest nail polish I've ever purchased - actually it is! The bottle is strangely similar to Dior J'Adore fragrance, but I'm not complaining as it just looks amazing and feels quite special. The listing contains so many different shades (including glitters!), but as I'm feeling very autumnal right now I picked up a nude/burnt orange shade, which turned out to be more of a warm nude shade. I don't mind this at all as I don't have anything similar to it in my collection but it's worth noting that the swatches aren't that accurate. I've yet to use the gel polish but if for any reason it doesn't last on the nails I will update this post, but if it's fine I will be 100% snapping up more shades. Side note - The eBay listing states a 'Rose Fragrant'.... no gel polish smells of anything but that weirdly burnt nail polish scent, so I haven't a clue what they are on about! 

Elite99 Starry Gel Series Gel Polishes - 6605 & 6609
£2.99 (LINK HERE
As I'm still fairly new to gel nails I haven't tried many gel brands, but a brand I knew I definitely wanted to try out was Elite99, as I constantly see them on eBay, there are hundreds of shades to pick from and they're so low in cost! I decided to try out two glitter top coats as it coming that time of year when glitter doesn't leave my nails! I love both shades I picked up and I'm so glad the listing contains 25+ glitter shades as I will be picked up more. So far I've tried #6609 as an accent/statement nail and it covered quite opaque and looked amazing once the gel top coat sealed it in - really impressed. The only down side is you can't see what the shade looks like without opening up the bottle, so I think a night of painting small piece of scotch tape, curing them under my UV lamp and then sticking them onto the bottles is in order. 

Elite99 Wine Red Series Gel Polish - 006
£2.59 (LINK HERE)
Another range I was drawn to from Elite99 was the Wine Red collection, which consists of 12 stunning deep red shades, perfect for A/W. I went with 006 as it seemed like a good mid-toned berry red and although it is a litte darker than I imagined it really is a gorgeous gel colour. I can't wait to apply this to my nails when the weather gets a little colder. I will be picked up more shade from Elite99, especially from the Nude Colour series which contains some amazing mauve nude shades.

Eye Shadows 


Love Alpha Eye Color Frozen Cream/Gel Eyeshadow - 1 & 8 
£1.58 (LINK HERE)
Onto a product that was actually a recommendation from a friend - we enable each other with our eBay purchases! After showing me a swatch of the #1 shade of these beautifully packaged gel eyeshadows I was sold and decided to pick up an extra one as well in shade #8. 

Now I don't have much clue about Love Alpha as I hadn't heard of them until last month but I do know that their packaging is amazing and the product itself is quite unique. You see the cream/gel is quite wobbly and jelly like in texture with an interesting cooling effect when dabbed onto the eyelids. Unfortunately it's only shade 1 that's the gem here as shade 8 is much more sheer in comparison and can't be worn alone on the lids, unlike shade 1. If you are looking for an interesting very highlighted and shimmery eyeshadow and like liquid/gel formulas then this is a product for you!

Makeup Brush Sets 

5-Piece Tom Ford Style Makeup Brush Set 
£3.05 (LINK HERE)
Ahhh, more inexpensive makeup brush sets from eBay! 
I picked up this set because 1. It looked similar to the Tom Ford Set with the flat ended brush handles (the TF brushes cost £50-80 EACH?!) 2. The amazing price! Now I will admit I'm on the fence about the set as 3 of the brushes although soft and do the job as a strange wool fibre that's quite cream in shade and do shed quite a bit. However the other 2 brushes are synthetic fibres and are just lovely - flexible, ultra soft and apply cream products a dream. For £3.00 I'm happy with the set but it doesn't compare to other budget makeup brush sets I've picked up from eBay recently. 

4-Piece Rose Gold Eyeshadow Blending Brush Set 
£1.78 (LINK HERE) 
Can we take a moment to amaze at how cheap these brushes are - 44p per brush?!  These may just be my favourite purchase of September because they actually do the job of blending eyeshadow and look really lovely. In the set you receive 2 blending brushes, a flatter blending brush and a lid brush. Yes, the handles do feel lightweight and cheap-ish, however that's to be expected... although they aren't flawed in any way and haven't chipped so far for me. As for the bristles they are perfectly soft and feel like some of my more expensive eye brushes! I'm so pleased I picked up this set and have already bought another set as a back-up and to use as travel brushes.


Hamsa Hand Wrap Rope Choker 
99p (LINK HERE) 
I'm still feeling with 90's choker trend, so I picked up yet another 99p find. eBay are amazing for little items like this that are cheap yet on trend. This is a pretty long soft rope choker that you wrap around your neck twice and either leave to hang down or tie in a knot or bow. I've been liking it both hanging down and in bow and feel it looks very Boohoo/Missguided-esque and no one would imagine it cost only 99p! I was also thinking once the choker trend is totally gone I can re-purpose one of the Hamsa hands on to either a material or fine chain necklace - very thrifty! 

5 Knot Tied Elastic Hair Ties - #4 
This is my 2nd set of these cute elastic hair ties. So inexpensive and comfortable to wear in the hair. I picked these up as they have quite a Halloween vibe about them. Lots of other styles to the listing.

Refillable Travel Perfume Atomizer 
A bit of a boring but practical item here but something I picked up as I'm going on holiday next month! Totally inexpensive and so worth it if you are a travelling or even want to carry your favourite fragrance with you but in a small handbag. You simply spray your perfume of choice into the small vial and pop the spray nozzle back on and you're done! Travalos do the exact same job but cost around £10, so I much prefer to get mine for 99p from eBay.

IKEA Skurar Style Plastic Lace Plant Pot 
£1.14 (LINK HERE) 
Last but not least I came across a plant pot that looked so similar to the Ikea Skurar plant pots that are plastic instead of metal - which I actually prefer as they can be used outdoors and don't dent or rust! Perfect if you love the look of Skurar plant pots but don't have an Ikea nearby or just if you fancy a pretty pot to keep makeup brushes in (I use dry rice to keep my brushes upright!). It is quite large so it holds quite a lot of makeup brushes or a nice sized house plant. Already ordered another so I can use it as intended, as a plant pot, as you can see above. Love this eBay find! 

So many bargain eBay finds this month! 
Let me know what you love the look of most. 

Fee xo.

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