The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar Run Down Christmas 2016


Christmas talk, already?! You got it!

Okay, so I will admit it feels a little too early even for me (I'm one of those annoying types that turn into Buddy the Elf come November 1st) however you asked for it on Twitter!

With so many brand releasing their Beauty Advents already I created a Twitter poll asking if I should write a round-up style post featuring all the makeup advent calendars this year (bar a few that haven't been realised yet) and it came back with a 82% yes.

Below you will find the details of all the beauty advent calendars 2016! Whoop! I know I will be picking up at least two or three this year.


ASOS Beauty Calendar (Out Now - DIRECT LINK)
Price - £50.00
Starting off with possibly the least festive option with quite chic marble packaging from ASOS, which may be a good call for customers that don't celebrate Christmas. This is bound to be a sell-out although stock levels seem quite good for now. 24 doors containing 24 sample size products from some fab brands - Elemis, Monu, Lottie, Balance Me, Dermalogica including many more with a worth of £175. 

Paul & Joe Makeup Collection 2016 (Released - November LINK)
Price - £56.00  
Another first advent calendar here from Paul & Joe. This is a beautifully packaged advent with traditional illustrations but even with 24 windows you receive only 6 products, hmm. I'm not too sure how I feel about this as half of the windows have illustrations behind them and the other 12 have packaging and the actual products in them. I think I'd be pretty bored opening 18 windows that contain nothing more that empty packaging and illustrations! 

Oh K! 12 Days of Beauty Cuteness (Released - Oct/Nov LINK)
Price - TBC 
Oh K! is a fairly new Korean inspired beauty brand that's exclusive to ASOS, so I'm fairly surprised to see an advent calendar from them but excited none the less! I don't have many details on the advent just yet but it includes 12 windows and should be quite an affordable option. 


Sanctuary Let Go Days of Christmas Advent Calendar (Released - 28th October LINK)
Price - £25.00  
A lovely pampering skincare and bodycare advent here with an affordable price tag. This will be part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer so possible a nice one to pick up for yourself as the 3rd item when Christmas shopping! The advent includes a good mix of body and facial products as well as extras such as an eye mask, toe dividers and rather strangely... a cookie cutter! 

No.7 Bright Lights Big City Advent Calendar (Released - 28th October WAITING LIST LINK)
Price - £39.00 
Ahhh, the annual No7 advent that sells out faster than you can say 'Father Christmas'! This years offering is extra glamorous and glittery with it's packaging and includes some amazing No7 skincare and makeup items plus 3 limited edition makeup brushes. The value of the box is an amazing £151!


Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar (Released - 1st November PRE-ORDER LINK)
PRICE - £70 
A true makeup lovers advent calendar here with some amazing high end brands worth over £300. One to pre-order if you want it! 

NYX Wanderlust Beauty Advent Calender (Released - 1st November Boots LINK)
PRICE - £60
Another first advent for NYX and again I'm sadly not too sure (am I too critical? eep). The advent includes 24 windows that contain 12 mini soft matte lip creams and 12 eyeshadows with a value of £80. If you're a NYX fan then you may own quite a few lip creams and I kind of feel they could have mixed it up with lots of different products and exclusive extras.

Ciate Mini Mani Month (Out Now - DIRECT LINK)
PRICE - £50.00
Another mini mani month from Ciate this year but with much improved packaging (little boxes to open). The advent includes 18 mini paint pots, 4 in new exclusive shades, 1 full size paint post and lots of lovely surprise extras. I've had a Ciate mini mani month each Christmas for a few years running now and it such a treat and really makes me paint my nails more often and get extra festive with them.

Clarins Beauty Delights (Released - October LINK)
PRICE - £95 
If you love Clarins products and you're feeling spendy then you may just want to pick up this years advent calendar. It's full of amazing skincare and makeup deluxe sample size, plus a few full size products. Also it oddly comes with table decorations! I can spot quite a few products here I'd love to try!

Skincare Advent Calendars 

L'Occitane Advent Calender (Released - 4th October LINK
PRICE - £42.00 
A quite affordable and beautiful designed beauty advent here from L'Occitane. I imagine true fans of the brand will love this calendar as it's full to the brim with deluxe miniatures of some other their hero products such as the amazing almond shower oil. Worth £80 in total. 

Liz Earle The Botanist's Cabinet (Released - November LINK)
PRICE - £35.00
I'm slightly confused by this advent as it contains only 8 windows! Why 8 and not at least 12 days/windows I do not know. But it's still a nice, if not brief, advent calendar to open and enjoy. 

 Budget Beauty Advent Calendars 

Aldi Cuvee Royal Christmas Beauty Calendar (Released 9th October - in-store)
PRICE - £19.99
I'm pretty sure Aldi have never done a Christmas calendar before, so well done them because I know a lot of customers love Aldi's own brand skincare line. With 24 windows the advent contains a ton of mini products from the Lacura Cuvee Royal range. A lovely affordable skincare option.

Essence Holiday Advent Calender (TBC)
PRICE - TBC (around £20-25)
I don't have many details on this one I'm afraid as Essence like to focus their efforts anywhere but the UK it seems. However this should hopefully be available in Wilko stores. It looks a really fab advent as it contains all full sized products with limited edition Christmas packaging. It even includes a 8-pan eyeshadow palette!

M&S Countdown To Christmas Advent (Released - 10th November LINK)

PRICE - £35 (when you spend £35)
Including the extra spend of £35 this isn't such a bargain beauty advent calender, however if you are like me and sneak someone £35 that's doing their Christmas shopping in M&S then it certainly is quite the bargain! This is definitely one of the advents I will be treating myself to this year as it contains some incredibly brands that M&S Beauty carries. Expect lots of high end beauty treat here with a value of £250!

Budget Beauty Advent Calendars 


Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas (Superdrug Out Now - DIRECT LINK)
PRICE - £25.00 (currently half price!)
A fab advent here for teens or anyone that's a fan of Tanya Burr. 12 days to open with full size nail polish, lip gloss and lip liners. I actually really like the packaging to this. Worth picking up while it's half price at only £15!

The Bomb Advent Calendar (Released - October LINK)
PRICE £19.99 
Bomb Cosmetics have two advents out this year, both contains 12 mini soap slices and 12 bath blasters. Although I love the idea of this I had one of their advents last year and it was so messy to get each product out of the advent that I actually gave up in the end. Also I kind of feel... who really needs 12 mini soaps! A lovely idea but I think bath lovers may want to look to Lush advent this year (link below).

Makeup Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar (Superdrug Out Now - DIRECT LINK)
PRICE £40 (currently £10 off)  
Another great advent here with 24 amazing products, from lipsticks to highlighters and even a few makeup brushes. A good one to pick up if you haven't tried much from Makeup Revolution or as a gift for a teen.

Dirty Works at Sainsburys Advent Calendar (Released - 2nd November LINK)
PRICE - £10.00
This is one of the lowest priced advents this year and I really think it offers amazing value for money! The advent includes an amazing 24 windows with little beauty treats behind each as you can see in the image above. One to pick up if you fancy a beauty advent  as well as a chocolate one but don't want the spend.

Luxury Beauty Advent Calendars 

Diptyque  25 Surprise Treat Advent Calendar (Released - Mid Nov Selfridges LINK)
PRICE - £250.00 
This is one seriously luxurious advent! It mainly includes mini Diptyque candles, along with a few body products, a miniature fragrance and an extra special Christmas candle! Very indulgent

Decleor Luxury Advent (Out Now - DIRECT LINK)
PRICE - £60.00 
A surprising affordable calendar here from Decleor, of course still on the luxury side but this includes full size products along with lots of lovely deluxe miniatures. If you love skincare and want a full-on treat throughout December then this would be a lovely one to order. Comes with 25 windows and had an impressive value of £180.

Jo Malone Luxury Advent (Released - October Harrods Link)
Price - £260 
Another seriously luxurious advent, but then I wouldn't expect anything less from Jo Malone. This is one large advent calendar that includes 24 large box drawers with a mix of amazing treats - colognes, candles, and luxury body products. This would be my dream advent I think!  

Luxury Beauty Advent Calendars 

Liberty Large Advent Calendar (Released - end Oct LINK)
PRICE - £149 
Yet another stand out luxury advent that offers amazing value for money as it has a total worth of £400! Behind the 25 drawers you will find a number of full size products (psst - there's a full size Diptyque candle!) along with deluxe samples. Excpect only high end luxury products with this one.

Charlotte Tilbury - Charlotte's Word Beauty Advent (Released -  Oct Selfridges or CT LINK)
PRICE - £150
Another super luxury drawer style beauty advent here and one that I know so many would love to get their hands on this Christmas - I know I would! Behind the 12 windows you receive 5 full size products (just wow!) and 7 luxury samples. This just oozes luxury!

Selfridges L'Oreal Electric Little Luxuries (Released - October LINK)
PRICE - £95 
If you fancy a good mix of high end brand and also have the money to splurge then this is one of the best varied advent out this year! It contains an amazing mix of products from 5 L'Oreal owned brands - YSL, Lancome, Victor & Rolph, Urban Decay and Kiehl's. Expect miniature fragrances and lots of makeup with this one!

More Luxury Beauty Advent Calendars 

bareMinerals  (Released - November LINK
PRICE - £75
I know bareMinerals have some loyal customers so this will be the ultimate treat for some! Including 5 full size lip glosses and 4 lip balm oils, along with lots of mineral products and a few minis this is a pretty great advent with a good value for money.

Khiel's (Released - October Selfridges LINK)
PRICE - £95 
If skincare if your thing and you have the money then you may want to consider this vibrant Khiel's offering. Lots of luxury sized minis here with some of their cult classics.

Body Care Beauty Advent Calendars 

Nuxe 10 Beauty Treasures (Released TBC M&S LINK)
PRICE - £49.99
Unfortunately I don't have many details on this one just yet. But it's exclusive to M&S I'm pretty sure and is a open-up book style calendar with 10 windows. Again I'm not sure why 10, but hey ho!

Molten Brown Scented Luxuries (Out Now - DIRECT LINK)
PRICE - £150 
Another luxury calendar that has a really good mix of products in it. 24 boxes to open, which include 9 bath/shower gels, 3 body lotion, 3 body polishes, 2 hand washes, 3 mini candles and lots of other nice extras, including a Molten Brown bauble! I actually really like the sound of this one.... just maybe not the price tag! 

Rituals The Ritual of Advent  (Released - October LINK)
PRICE - £49.50
If the Molten Brown advent is out of your price range then this Rituals one may suffice as it contains similar style products and looks luxurious. Lots of body products but also face creams, wipes and even a limited edition miniature fragrance for winter. I like the look of this one a lot!

The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendars - Out Now

24 Happy Days (LINK) PRICE - £60
24 Happy Days Deluxe (LINK) PRICE - £80
24 Happy Days Ultimate (LINK) PRICE - £99
As you can see The Body Shop have 3 advent offerings this year, priced at £60, £80 and £99. I kind of wish they have brought out a cheaper version even with 12 windows but still these are lovely for any TBS fan! You can see the full product lists on the website in you interested in what they contain. 

Feel Unique The Magic of Beauty 2016 (TBC LINK)
PRICE - £30.00
I really feel I should have included this in my budget catagory as this beauty advent calendar by Feel Unique is a total steal at only £30! The advent includes 12 windows with an amazing range of brands - Popband, Pur, Balance Me, Palmers plus many more. It also includes quite a few full size products from a full size Rimmel lipstick to an amazing Nuxe Lip Balm that's a personal favourite of mine! An amazing beauty advent calendar here. 

You Beauty Box Advent Calendar (Out now - LINK)
PRICE - £69.95 
Last but not least I wanted to share the You Beauty Box Advent as it contains so many cult products and lots of amazing brands. It is a little pricey and very much a splurge item but you have brands such as Moroccanoil, Nuxe, Leighten Denny, Espa, The White Company, This Works and so much more. If you are a beauty junkie then this may be the one for you

More beauty advent calendars 2016 - Lush 12 Days of Christmas £52.95, The Vintage Cosmetics Co £99.95 (seems a little overpriced!), Clarins Men £95, Jack Wills £35Benefit Girl o'clock £34.50 (oops forgot to include an image), W7 £16.99, Superdrug Sweet Snuggles £16.00, Technic 12 days of Xmas £8.99, Technic Beauty Cube Advent £20.00, Superdrug Flutter Beauty £12.00Superdrug Beauty Junkie 7 Day Surprise £10.00Studio London 12 Days of Christmas £16.00, Wilko Kiss Advent £5, House of Fraser Advent £25.00, Cheeky Nail Advent £50.00, ASOS Mad Beauty 12 Advent £10.99, Lipsy 12 Days of Beautiful £20.00

So there you have it, a crazy amount of beauty advents for 2016

I know I will be picking up the wonderful M&S advent calendar and possibly the Feel Unique offering!

Will you be picking up a beauty advent calender this year? Let me know which you love the look of the most.

Fee xo.   

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