10 Clever & Slightly Crazy Beauty Hacks You Won't Have Heard Of

1. Want a thicker ponytail? Place a mini butterfly clip to the base
Simply section your ponytail in two and place a small butterfly hair clip at the base near to the hair band. Place hair back, over the clip and voila, a fuller looking ponytail without the need to backcomb.

2. Use scotch tape on spots overnight 
So this may seem a little crazy because we all know that skin needs to breath however with spot patches becoming more popular and actually being an effective way to treat pesky spots you might at well make your own. Before bed, making sure the skin is clean, apply a dab of spot treatment and then a small strip of scotch tape. In the morning the spot will either have died down or will be ready to squeeze.... you know we all do it!

3. Bake your under eye concealer with powder and a damp beauty sponge
This is a trick from Kylie Jenner's makeup artist of apply translucent powder with a damp beauty sponge and leaving for a few minutes before sweeping off. This works so much better than dabbing loose powder on dry or with a brush. Brightening effects are intensified and the skin looks and feels amazing!

4. Want perfect winged liner? Clench your toes! 
So this is a trick from makeup artist, Erik Soto, however it's apparently common knowledge in the business (who knows!). When you're next applying liquid liner clench your toes and instantly you will notice how any hand shakes disappear. Maybe it's a placebo effect or maybe it's actual science, either way it works and wonky winged liner is so more!

5. Apply eye cream to your lips 
This makes quite a lot of sense as eye cream is designed to be sensitive yet plumping and anti-ageing so why not use it around the lips. Of course don't apply any eye cream as lip balm... that will not taste nice, but dabbing it lightly around the lip line will help fine lines, skin dehydration and lips will look around perkier.

6. Have the worst red angry spot, apply eye drops 
I've used this hack for many years now and it works a treat. Simple apply a small amount of eye drops to any red spot with a cotton bud and within minutes notice how the redness is reduced. This is because whitening eye drops aim to help bloodshot eyes! This hack doesn't help the spot go away however it's a great trick to do before applying makeup.

7. No dry shampoo? Use translucent powder instead
Before dry shampoo was invented using talcum powder on greasy roots was the norm, but why not used transient powder instead. The powder soaks up excess oil and can be blended into the hair by massaging it in or thoroughly brushing the hair. 

8. Contouring with sunscreen?
Now this may be the strangest hack of them all, but it actually makes quite a bit of sense. When tanning on your annual holiday take two different strengths of SPF applying the highest SPF (possibly 50) to where you would highlightthe face and the lower SPF to where you would normally contour. This will leave you with a naturally contoured face sans makeup. Who knew!

9. Tame whispies/baby hair with clear brow gel 
Ahh, sometimes the most simplest of tricks are the best ones. To tame those annoying fine hairs around the hair line simply brush through with a clear brow gel and smooth into place. So simple!

10. Trying to find a new fragrance? Take coffee beans with you
Ever been at a fragrance counter and realised that after a few sniffs of various scents you become what I like to describe as 'nose blind'? All scents seem to smell the same and in the end you can't decide what you like. To cleanse the nose palette take a quick sniff of a few coffee beans (yes, that does mean keeping a few in your bag - not at all strange!) and be amazed at how you can differentiate different scents once again. A must if you want to try out lot of different fragrances. 

Let me know if you have any strange but useful beauty hacks! I'd love to know them.

Fee xo.

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