eBay Bargains #62 - Christmas Come Early

*Cue Home Alone soundtrack* 

In less than 100 days it will be Christmas Day and at the rate of how fast this year seems to be going (how it is nearly October?) I'm getting in there early and not taking any chances. I mean there's an actual chance I will blink and it will be mid December! 

Also I kind of wanted a good excuse to re-use these wonderful Christmas illustrations again, AND I'm also factoring in that eBay listings from China can take there time... though the items are from a mix of UK and International sellers - don't worry no custom charges though! 

P.S I'm currently patting myself on the back for this non-tacky Christmas selection - I think I did pretty good! 

Rose Gold Snowflake Necklace 
£1.35 HERE
Now I can't say I'd be tempted to wear a snowflake necklace in fear of it looking like it's some kind of Frozen merchandise however this is a stunning rose gold shade and it looks much more grown up and kind of just a subtle nod to Christmas/Winter. An inexpensive novelty necklace that doesn't look tacky! It would also make a lovely little gift I think.

Gold Foil Festive Cushion Covers 
£2.45 each HERE
Just yes to these! I don't know how I came across these amazing Christmas cushions but I'm so glad I did! Perfect for slipping over your current cushions and instantly transforming your living room or bed into something much more festive. The listing contains a few more gold foil designs plus lots of other styles - I want them all... but I will be picked up 2 or 3 for my sofa! 

Christmas Countdown Chalkboard 
£2.49 HERE
For children and adults alike, this is the perfect thing to hang in your home to get you extra excited for Christmas. I love anything like this because it's more than just a plaque and something you have to do each da, plus you can bring it out each year come December 1st!

Retro Christmas Wrapping Paper 
Print Phone Cases 
99p each HERE
Another find I'm oh so pleased with and have snapped up already! The listing contains some absolutely lovely no-tacky Christmas phone cases. I ordered cases no. 6 & 11 because they are just adorable and as I've alreadt received them I can tell you that they are amazing quality for being only 99p!

Hardback Christmas Planner 
£13.94 HERE
If you're a serious Christmas lover than a planner is a must. This keeps everything organised and it just down right Christmas-y! I find Christmas planner generally a bit tacky and cheap looking but this is simple yet pretty and in the listing you can see some of the pages to the planner which look really good. A bit of a treat to yourself but something that will add to your Christmas spirit and can be used throughout the festive period to keep all your ideas and plans in one place. 

Set of 6 Snowflake Style Stamps 
£1.75 HERE
You can use these in so many ways for craft projects and all things Christmas related. In fact I used these stamps last year and created my own wrapping paper by buying brown parcel paper and using a white ink pad (this is a good one for only £1.89 - lots of colours) and it looked amazing!  

Mercury Glass Bauble Fair
Lights (batter operated) 
£8.99 HERE
Aren't these the prettiest fairy lights you ever did see? I purchased some very similar lights from Homesense last Christmas for £19.99, so these are a total bargain. I used my lights at Christmas time however I now keep them around the base of my TV and they look fab. Made from strong glass and with the mercury finish these look lovely both on and off. 

Essie Winter Collection Mini Set 
£4.00 HERE
This is a lovely Essie set from last year which I actually have. These 3 minis normally costing £12.99 really are lovely and can be used alone or together. Also I find the mini sized Essie polishes just the right size because I don't know anyone that's ever used up a nail polish before! Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low I think it my favourite shade as it's a super metallic light gold/silver, but I also love Jump In My Jumpsuit because it's such a pretty berry raspberry red shade that's ideal for both autumn and winter. Such a bargain! 

Large Wooden Light-up Christmas Village Scene 
£18.71 HERE
Onto the most special item of my festive round-up  and again something I own a similar version of. In fact I have a few of these now that I bring out each Christmas - can you tell I love Christmas? As you can see this is quite a large one at 45cm long so ideal for displaying on a sideboard or window sill. The little village illuminates with a little switch and is battery operated so no wires are on show. Such a lovely decoration for your home that everyone will be impressed by and something that can be brought out year upon year. I may be treating myself to this one! 

I won't say I hope this has put you in the festive spirit as it's a little too early. But I do hope you've found some Christmas treats! 

Fee xo. 

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