5 New ASOS Beauty Additions Worth Checking Out

ASOS is my go-to platform for both clothing and beauty these days. I personally find their service and choice amazing and basically I'm obsessed with them!

One of the main reasons I love ASOS Beauty so very much is because they stock NYX! But they are also on it with new brands and releases, plus they often have exclusive products! Below are some amazing new additions to the ASOS website that I recently picked up and needed to share with you!


Monki 4 Shade Eyeshadow Kit- Golden Base
£8.00 HERE
Did you know Monki now has a makeup line? Nope, neither did I!
With some pretty swoon-worth holographic packaging I had to pick up at least one item and I decided that had to be Shady Lady Eyeshadow Kit which includes 4 wearable shades. Sadly other than the outer packaging being goddamn amazing the palette is just plain black but hey ho! As for the lovely eyeshadows they all have a standard amount of shimmer to them and all go amazing well together to create a golden/neutral smokey eye. I have to say I love the mid-tone brown and the light golden shades the most! Quality wise expect something similar to Barry M and Models Own -  nicely pigmented and perfect if you are on a budget. You can find the full range that consists of 16 products so far here - I now have my eye on that highlighter stick in Golden Game which looks amazing from the swatches!


Toni & Guy Plait Head Band - Brunette
£8.00 HERE
I'm going to admit it... I suck at milkmaid braids. I've tried and tried but I've yet to get them cutesy braids looking anything other than silly on me - seriously, I must be doing something wrong! But a solution is here with the new Toni & Guy Plait Head Band... that looks and feels creepily like real hair (it's not, don't worry)! The headband come in 4 colour choices from ultra bright blonde to black. So far I've worn this quite a bit and love how it looks, there's definitely no give away that it's not your own hair, unless you were to wear your hair high up as is does have an elasticated band to the back. Really impressed with this and highly recommend it if you are also awful at braids!


COLAB Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo - Monaco
£3.49 HERE
Did you know Colab are now stocked on ASOS? This may be boring news to some, but as this is my favourite dry shampoo brand that's only stocked in Superdrug, I'm pretty pleased! I can now throw in a can of my favourite Monaco scented CoLab with a clothing order whenever I'm running out of the stuff. If you haven't tried Colab but use dry shampoo then I highly recommend trying out the brand. I find it doesn't itch the scalp unlike other dry shampoos, it smells amazing and it doesn't leave your hair feeling like straw! Also the Monoco scent is particularly lovely with an aque type scent that's subtly lingers. Whoop, to COLAB now being at ASOS!

Oh K! Cooling Eye Pads
£6.00 HERE
Another beauty brand that is new to ASOS and an exclusive to the site is Oh K! If you love the cuteness or should that be kawaii of Korean makeup products but find them to be expensive or hard to get hold of in the UK then this is the brand for you! The range consists of 11 products (for now) - from a sweet peach scented detangling brush to an ultra cute panda shaped hand cream and so many other lovely products in between! This is a brand that easily suits both teens and adults as it's just lovely but also practical. I decided I needed to try out something from the range so I picked up these cooling eye pads which you keep in the fridge. The cooling pads that look like panda eyes aim to reduce puffiness and refresh the eyes, and as someone that experiences literally hot swollen eyes when I've not had enough sleep they have already been a god send! Five minutes sat with these over your eyes (mostly likely not looking like a cute panda) and your eyes will feel cooled, a lot less puff and much more awake! Ideal if you have a similar problem to me or even have allergies/hayfever! Check out the amazing range of products here


Anna Sui Make Up Compact Case
£10.00 HERE
Lastly I picked up this amazing compact from the new Anna Sui makeup range. Again this is another unique beauty range at ASOS that I'm always tempted by. I decided to treat myself to this, well it was only £10.00, because I loved the look of it and I recently bought a discounted BB Pressed Powder that will fit into it. With or without makeup inside this makes a beautiful mirror and powder puff (it feels soooo soft!). It is plastic but I kind of like that as it add to the quirky vintage look. So happy I picked this up now.

So there you have it, my 5 new beauty additions that are worth checking out. Talking of checking things out - Pixi Glow Tonic is now available at ASOS here!!!!!!! 

Fee xo. 

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