10 Internet Tips & Resources You Need To Know About As A Blogger

Oh, I do enjoy a good internet hack, whether it's a keyboard shortcut that will make my life easier or a program that helps my blogging process. So today I thought I'd rack my brain for all the clever hacks that have helped me along the way as a blogger.

Hopefully you can find something here that will help you as well!

1. Find out what's been pinned to Pinterest from your blog by going to - 

2. Create a simple blogger-friendly dashboard on Google Analytics in seconds. More details here  

3. Keep handy virtual post-it notes on your desktop with Sticky Notes - my fav!

4. Stuck for what to blog about? Use this clever blog topic generator - trust me, it's fun to try out!

5. Turn any image (possibly for a media kit or invoice) into a PDF in seconds by uploading it to Canva and saving it as a PDF

6. Create a one-word keyboard shortcut for Instagram for all the hashtags you want to use. Full tutorial here (this will save you soooo much time!)

7. Sharing a blog post link from your phone? Remember to remove "?m=1" after .html or it will appear as the mobile version on desktops otherwise

8. Create instant cool-looking quote images for your blog and social media with Recite

9. Want text to stand out in a blog post? Make sure to create a sub-header instead of bold and add key words to help

10. Don't own Photoshop but want to remove image backgrounds? Try Clipping Magic

Bonus Hack - I had to mention this amazing free website called Peek (not sponsored, don't worry!) that I recently discovered. If you want some honest feedback about how user friendly your blog is then you simple enter your website address and a REAL PERSON will create a video with a voice over, reviewing your site as they navigate it. I suggested this to my blogging friend Andrew over at Beauty and The Boy, so if you want to see exactly what I'm going on about you can view his feedback video here before submitting your own blog - it's pretty cool if you ask me! 

Found anything that you think will be like magic dust to you? Let me know! 

Also if you have any hacks or website suggestions for me I'd love to hear them in the comments. 

Fee xo.   

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