eBay Review: Zoeva Style Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set

I think it's fair to say that I love budget makeup brushes from eBay. Yes, I've tried Zoeva, Sigma, MAC and lots of the other high end branded brushes but as long as the brush quality is there, whether cheap or expensive, I think it's down to application technique!

So with that being said, I'm more than happy to pick up inexpensive brushes and brush sets from eBay because they are pretty great on quality, for the most part, and look amazing! Here I have a stunning 8-piece set that consists of both face and eye brushes and looks extremely similar to the much more expensive Zoeva Rose Golden brushes. The best thing about them... they cost only £5.22 here - I know, crazy! Or if you don't mind branding on the handles of the brushes (they say 'Gujhui') then they are only £3.95 here

Psssst! I've been asked by a few U.S readers now to include US links in my eBay posts so here's the link to these brushes - only $6.77


If you read my review of the Zoeva -style rose gold/pink brushes then you will know that I particular loved the foundation buffing brush in the set. This was because it's the loveliest duo-fibre brush. So I was more than pleased that this set contains 4 duo fibre brushes, which are extremely soft I must say! 

What you receive

Face brushes (left image) 
Powder brush, foundation buffing brush, small buffing brush, angled blush brush
Eye Brushes (right image) 
Large blending brush, angled liner/brow brush, lid brush, fluffy blending brush 


Hopefully you can see from the images that these are absolutely stunning brushes without any flaws to them. The rose gold ferrules are just gorgeous and very well made, feeling secure and sturdy, in fact two of the duo fibre buffing brushes seem to have extra strong ferrules and really do feel expensive... I would have been fine to pay £5.00 for these two brushes alone! 

As for shedding of the bristles it's all been very minimal and only with the two cream eyeshadow brushes, but nothing I don't expect from any other brush set. I also feel I need to repeat about how soft these brushes actually are - I think you will be as impressed as I am! I also love how dense the duo fibre brushes are, which makes them ideal for creating a flawless base.


Favourite Brushes 

I really could have picked them all as my favourite brushes as I'm been using them equally and cannot fault them. However there are a few that really stand out to me as excellent brushes. Okay, I did still pick 5 out of the 8 in the set (bottom left image) but they are amazing and worth talking about in more detail. 

Without sounding like a broken record, the duo fibre buffing brushes in this set are a-mazing. They come in large, medium and smallt, with the larger ones being ideal for liquid foundation and the smaller as a concealer buffing brush or as an eyeshadow blending brush. They neither soak up too much product or just smoosh it around the face, but perfectly blend over the skin to create a flawless finish every time. So these three for me are like gold dust! I've also been enjoying the angled contour/blusher brush, I would say it's not structured enough for full on contour but for a light everyday look or if you aren't into contouring but more bronzing then this will be fab. I've been using it with my favourite Make Up For Ever bronzer and due to the angle of the brush this gives a perfect application - love! I've also been loving the angled brow brush to fill in my brows with a brow powder, it does the job perfectly.

If you love high end brushes but decide to snap this set up I'd love to know you're thoughts and if I've converted you! 

You can also find more eBay finds on my dedicated Pinterest board here

Fee xo. 

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