eBay Bargains #61 - Watch List Favourites

This blog post should have been titled "Watch List Favourites I'll Probably Mostly Likely Buy". But that wouldn't be good for SEO so I had to opt for a the more restraint title!

As my eBay watch list is just a random mixed of items, mainly brushes and 'dupe' style bags, with lots of other bargainous things thrown in there, I thought I'd share a kind of miscellaneous eBay bargains post today. So many crazy cheap things here that I'm very tempted by!


Stick-on Polka Dot/Pineapple
Wall Decals 
Polka Dots x 120 - £4.99 HERE 
Pineapples x 52 - £5.99 HERE
Since becoming obsessed with pinning home office inspiration pictures on Pinterest of late I've wanted to jazz up my own office/spare room with something that would be inexpensive but with a big impact. And these decals are exactly that! Without wallpapering or spending too much you can literally change the look of a room with these super cute decals. Also perfect if you rent and can't re-decorate or do much to the walls. I really can't decide between polka dots or mini pineapples! Which do you prefer?

Cosy Cloud Sweater 
£5.69 HERE 
Let's admit me it, we all love our comfy clothes that we wouldn't be seen dead in outside of the house. I especially love anything cosy like I'm wearing a duvet as soon as it starts to get chilly again, so now is the perfect time to snap this this jumper up so it will arrive mid October. There are lots of different prints, not just clouds, in the listing, and from the close-up pictures you can just tell it's the softest cosier fleece material. Like a hug in a jumper! Sizes available in 6-14 but I'd always suggest ordering one size up from what you are.

Crystal Diamond Pens 
£1.37 each HERE 
If you love stationary then you need to get on eBay and look at what they have! You can find so many novelty pens on there it's crazy. Want a pen shaped like a piece of pizza that will be beyond awkward to write with? eBay's got you covered. Want a pen shaped like a giant lollipop that couldn't easily knock someone flying? Yup, eBay's got that as well. So this is pretty modest in comparison but still on the novelty side of things. I will be picking up the lovely looking blue ombre one and the rose gold one asap!

eBay Mixed Makeup Brush Set 
£3.02 HERE
Recently I've seen a few of these mixed brush sets around and thought what a clever idea. Not only are they beyond cheap for what you get, but they are well put together with brushes and sponges you would actually use. This set comes in 3 different colours - gold (as seen above), black and rose. A really great way of trying out a few brushes! 

Argos Outlet Colour Changing 
Ring Light 
£13.99 HERE
Now I was unsure whether to include this because my idea is to try this out as an actual ring light for my blog photography because if it works it will be the best thing ever! However I just don't know if it will be bright enough and if it's not, if I could replace the bulb with a much brighter white LED bulb. So I will be buying this to see if it's possible and if it is I will definitely let you know in a future eBay post while it's still available to buy! This could seriously be an amazing solution for the dull weather days come autumn/winter! Fingers crossed! 

Caramel Frappe - all iPhone models 
£4.95 HERE
Okay, my eBay phone case obsession may be getting slightly out of hand now... but seriously how can I resist buying them when they go and be this cute?! This is slightly more than I would normally spend, yes I'm frugal, but I just don't care because I've never seen a phone case like this and I love the illustrations and the fact it's actually a recipe for a caramel frappe! Soooo adorable. Apple Pie design also in the listing. 

Eyelash Flat Sequin Shoes 
£14.65 HERE
I love my quirky flat shoes and as soon as I saw these they went straight on my watch list. These are 'dupes' for the Chiara Ferragni flats... just not priced at £250+! Of course slightly different in the shape but overall they are very similar indeed. Really fun and perfect with jeans! Also available in silver, size 2.5-7.

So there you have it a selection of the random items on my eBay watch list - there's some gems, right? 

Fee xo. 

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