eBay Bargains #49 - Current Watch List


Pineapple Phone Case No.3 - £3.99 HERE 
Okay, so I have a slight problem when it comes to phone cases on eBay but I seriously can't resist them! Right now I have a lovely illustrated floral Shakespeare quote on my phone which I'll show you in an eBay haul post next week but for when summer is here I NEED this phone case because it's just perfect! Also it's the soft silicone kind which I prefer as they fit snug but are easy to take on and off when you want a change. You can see many more of my eBay phone case finds here & here.

Artificial Silk Peonies - £3.47 HERE 
I love peonies as much as the next blogger but where I live peonies are non-existent because we clearly haven't caught up with the times quite yet. So I'm bypassing the idea of ordering fresh ones online and draining my bank account and opting to try some artificial ones. I've bought fake flowers from eBay before and been happy enough with the quality, especially for blog photos so these should do the job!

Colour Changing Balm Lipstick - £2.24 HERE 
When I spotted these balm lipsticks on a midnight eBay hunt for new makeup I instantly thought of the Dior Addict Lip Glow lip balms that's are £20+... and on checking they look very similar indeed! Of course I've already bought one to try out as I love a tinted lip balm for summer and if I love it I may pick up a few other shades as there are 6 to the listing!

Mini Cross Body Satchel - £8.99 HERE 
 Another item I don't need more of but just can't resist buying from eBay! You can find so many designer style bags on eBay it's unreal and I'm pretty sure this lovely mini cross body bag is one of them (maybe Michael Kors, anyone?). But whether it's designer inspired or not I love it. I'm very much into small bags right now as they are so easy for summer and this one comes in 7 shades - love the silver and royal blue the most.

Pro Oval Iconic Style Brushes - from £1.14 HERE 
I recently picked up two of these bargain oval brushes that are very much like the Iconic London ones and I LOVE them! These really are my favourite finds of last month so I 100% need to try out a few more (okay, I've actually just bought 2 more to try). There's certainly a technique to using oval brushes, think sweeping motions instead of buffing into the skin, and once you do that these brushes will amaze you. So pretty and they certainly give a flawless finish. Love, love, love!

Marc Jacobs The Bronze Brush Dupe - £1.99 HERE  
Another brush I've just ordered here and one I'm very excited to try out! This is a dupe of the Marc Jacobs The Bronze bronzer brush which retails for £52... eeep. I really couldn't ever spend that amount of money on a single brush so I'm really looking forward to trying out this bargainous £2 dupe. From the detailed pictures in the listing this looks like it could be a winner! 

Hope you've found a few items here!

Fee xo.

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