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Get the 90's reference in the title? I couldn't resist it, although I now can't stop singing "Totally addicted to bass - a-wow-woah-ho" - I know... annoying, right!

  Moving swiftly on to something just as addictive - makeup! Today I wanted to talk primers because in the past few months I've not has a makeup day without using a primer and I now don't think I could live without one. I personally find more high end primers to work the best so I thought I'd share with you my four favourites and then I may do a post on my budget favourites. Hope you discover something good here!


Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer 
£24.00 - Cult Beauty here 
  Over the years I've tried endless "lit from within" base products yet I've never felt they achieved the glow I wanted. However that all changed when I tried the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer as it packs some punch in the glow department, so much so that it can be used as a bronze highlighter on top of makeup! The smooth formula glides onto skin to create a long lasting base for foundation that will stay all day. Plus it evens out the skin with a hint of colour. Overall if you are looking for a super glow-y base that will show through foundation to give radiant summer skin then this is the product to pick up!

Too Faced Hangover Face Primer 
£27.00 - Debenhams here 
This is the primer for anyone that finds primers generally too heavy on the skin as this is the perfect light weight formula to pep up the skin and help makeup last. Although other than the dewy finish it gives to the skin I can't see any other hangover erasing effects, but it is a rather lovely primer and one you will love if you're already a fan of Too Faced. With the lightweight formula this glides over the skin, soon becoming tacky for long lasting makeup application. A great one for everyday use in summer! Side note - This does have a coconut milk scent, which I personally love, but some may hate!


This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up 
£30.00 - Look Fantastic here 
A favourite of Victoria Beckham here and one I've loved for quite some time as it's such a good multi-purpose moisturiser/primer for when I'm in a rush. Much like Too Faced Hangover this peps up tired skin with caffeine and brightens. It's also a really good moisturiser that almost feels like a balm but one that soaks in immediately and works even on oily skin - I'd actually say this is suitable for all skin types. As for priming this creates a soft smooth base that foundation always applies perfectly onto every time and lasts most of the day even in hot weather. Perfect for travel and them rushed late mornings!

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer 
£32.00 - Look Fantastic here    
Last but certainly not least I have the amazing Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer that I've been trying out religiously for the past month. As you can see by the images this has to be the most unique primer for both packaging and formula. The packaging though futuristic looking make sense as with both the inner lid and spatula make the primer very hygienic indeed - well done Illamasqua! As for the unique clear gel formula that actually wobbles like jelly, you need the smallest amount (a pea-size) that smooths over the face and soaks into the skin within seconds. The overall effect of this primer is a comfortable hydrated base (perfect for dehydrated/combination skin) that smooths over pores and keeps makeup in place literally all day long! Yes, it's that good! For me this offers the best of both worlds, comfortable hydrated skin and a primer that really does work. Although this is the most expensive primer of the lot here I can't help but feel it's the most special and unique, making it worth the extra spend. 

I'd love to know your own favourite high end primers? 

Next up, budget/high street primers! 

Fee xo.  

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