The 99p Brush Set from eBay That You NEED!


As most of you will know by now, I love me some cheap makeup brushes from eBay! I've bought many a brush from various eBay sellers over the years and 9 times of out 10 I've been more than pleased with the quality. 

The above brush set is one of my favourite eBay buys so far and one I've just re-purchased after using my original set for 2 years (and they are still going strong!) as a back-up/why not for the price! Plus they are an amazing Sigma brush dupe!

  5 piece brush set- £1.51 here
4 piece brush set - 99p here 
4 piece brush set - £2.79 here (UK Fast Delivery) 


How I use these bargainous brushes

1. Soft Flat Top Brush - Initially I was unsure how best to use this brush as it's flat topped but I soon realised it has 2 amazing uses. My most frequent use for it is to buff all over colour onto the eyelid/as the transitional shade in the crease. This works well as it's such a light brush and blends powder eyeshadows a dream. This also works well to stipple/blend under eye concealer or even concealer on blemishes. I'm glad I've got a back-up of this now!

2. Light Blending Brush - This is another light brush that great for blending eyeshadows with. I like to keep this free from colour and use it as a clean blending brush after finishing off my eyeshadow as it's light enough to give a final blend without turning an eye look muddy. Again this could be used to blend out concealer.

3. Soft Dome Brush - Unlike the first two brushes this is slightly more dense and tapered making it ideal for adding eyeshadow to the outer 1/3 of the eye for a smokey look. In fact I'd say this is my favourite brush from the set and worth 99p or more alone!


 4. Soft Angled Shading Brush - This is another good brush for a smokey eye and is a bit of an all-rounder. Great for blending with again as it's light and angled and another favourite  from the set to use with matte eyeshadows.

5. Soft Blending Brush - Lastly a slightly wider blending brush that I personally like to use for concealer as it's light and buffs liquid concealer a dream. This could also be used for eyeshadow or even to place contour powder down on the face. *Side note - I photographed the 5th brush incorrectly argh! It's actually the 5th brush along in the landscape image*

As for the quality of the brushes I really couldn't be more impressed with them and really do wonder how they are so cheap! The silver ferrule of the brushes is strong and haven't loosened over time with washing. Shedding wise they really don't shed much! No random hairs on the face or when blending with them, though you may find the odd hair sticking out of the brush that I generally pluck out. Overall these really are amazing for the money and worth picking up for using with eyeshadow or concealer.

Fee xo.

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