4 Products to Create the Ultimate Winter Glow


With summer a distant memory right now I think we can all say that our glow has faded and in place lack luster skin that can often look dry and just a bit on the dull side. But thankfully there are products out there to help! 

Here I've picked four of my favourite products that give me an instant boost and create a natural glow, all of which can be used alone for healthy looking skin or together to create the ultimate winter glow. 


Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer 
£24.00 - Pixi website here 
 Over the years I've tried endless "glow from within" foundations and base products yet I've actually never felt they did much. So when I tried this Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer I wasn't expecting much once I'd applied foundation over it. However I was totally wrong about this primer as it packs some punch in the glow department, so much so that it could be used as a liquid highlighter on top of foundation! As a primer this glides on the skin to create a smooth long lasting base for foundation that will stay all day. Plus it evens out the skin with a hint of colour. Overall if you are looking for a super glow-y base that will show through foundation to give radiant skin then this is the product to pick up!

Benefit Hoola Lip Gloss 
£14.50 - Look Fantastic here 
On to a favourite lip gloss now for it's super smooth non-tacky texture that makes it addictive to apply. Hoola Lip Gloss gives a sheer tint of bronze glow to the lips that instantly makes them look healthy and slightly fuller. It also smells amazing and as mentioned above it's non-tacky texture feels so smooth and comfortable on the lips. Also if you are looking for a for 'done' look then this also looks amazing applied over a nude lip colour.  

Soap & Glory Love At First Blush Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Stick 
£6.00 - Boots here
Ahhh, the Nars Orgasm Multiple dupe! This is a special one and certainly a product to go for if you are after that flush of healthy colour to the cheeks. Much like Nars Orgasm this gives a wonderful golden pinky peach glow that will not only suit everyone but instantly gives the skin a boost. I'm sure this will be such a hit product for S&G in the summer months but for now this just on the very tops of the cheeks looks stunning. I really wish I'd swatched this to show it off however it really is the exact same as the Nars Orgasm Multiple but without the £29 price tag! Certainly a product to pick up when you're next in Boots if you have been interested in Nars Orgasm.  

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm & Blush Shimmering Bronze 
£4.99 - Boots here  
Lastly another tinted bronze lip product that tastes amazing and gives a lovely glow to the lips. Much like Hoola Lip Gloss this is subtle in colour with a nice amount of shimmer running through it, but as it's not a gloss this does give less of a shine to the lip which I personally like. This also doubles up as a blush however I would say it would be more suited to dry/mature skin types as it can feel tacky/moisturising on the skin even when blended out with the fingertips, so for that reason I don't like to use it as a blush but know for the right skin types it would work. A nice budget option if you are wanting to achieve glow-y healthy lips. 

Let me know your favourite glow enhancing beauty products! 

Fee xo.

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