Luxury Beauty Favourites #5


As it's been around 3-4 months since my last Luxury Favourites I thought I'd gather all my high end loves together and write up a post about them all! 

I call these my luxury favourites are there are a few high ticket items here, however some you will find are mid priced and it's more that they feel like a luxury product to me and work extremely well. So even if you're on a budget you may still find something here. 


Kiko Blooming Glow Revitalising Face Serum
£13.90 - Kiko here or in-store
Remember me saying just two seconds ago about my luxury favourites not necessarily having luxury price tags? Well this is just the product I'm on about. This is a pretty swish looking serum that's only £13.90... a pretty standard price for a high-street skincare item, but for me it works, and looks of course, like it would be around the £20+ price mark so for me I class it as a luxury product. Okay, kind of misleading and confusing for this blog post but hey ho, that's how I view really amazing mid-priced products. Ramble aside, this is the new-ish Kiko Blooming Glow Revitalising Face Serum that's packaged in a quality air-less glass bottle with pretty amazing suspended illuminating beads that burst on application to give a glow to the skin. As for the serum itself it's fresh, lightweight and beyond perfect for pre-made up skin as it creates a smooth, slightly glowing base for foundation. The glow is subtle as the beads are fairly small however what I really love about this is the fresh feeling serum that wakes up the skin and gives it that plump smooth feeling before applying makeup. Plus I'm sure you'll agree that this is one pretty product to have out on display! 

Billion Dollar Brow Universal Brow Pencil 
£17.00 - Boots here
With the beauty market saturated with brow products at the moment it can be tricky to know what to go for - I know I was changing from product to product for quite a few months! But once you know what product works best for you then you are onto something good. For me that was automatic brow pencils that don't require sharpening which gives a more creamy and less harsh texture. In particular this specific brow pencil as it's been my go-to brow product for the last 3 months! So what's so special about it? For me it stands out for two reasons; the precise tip that creates hair-like strokes and the almost neutral shade. The precise tip is pretty self explanatory but let me explain what I mean by the neutral shade. You see with fairly light brows I've always found 'blonde' brow shades too ashy and 'brunette' shades too warm, but this shade sits in between the two and with extra pressure can look deeper and warmer in shade... hence why it's been named universal! I also appreciate the sturdy spoolie brush to the opposite end as it gives that blended look to the brows. I really won't be purchasing anymore brow product for quite some time I think!

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser  
 £35.00 - Cult Beauty here
At the beginning of the year I blogged about my new more simplistic skincare routine and surprisingly I've pretty much kept to it! This was thanks to the amazing products I selected that still feel like a treat every time I use them, especially this amazing clay-based cleanser that my combination skin can't get enough of. As I mentioned in my original skincare post the cleanser almost feels like a wash off clay mask as it gives you the benefits of a clay mask but in seconds rather than minutes... though I'm now tempted to try it as a 5-minute mask! This means it's perfect for oily or combination skin types as it leaves the skin clear and within the 2-3 months of using it I do feel it has cut down the amount of blackheads I get on my T-zone. This is pricey for a morning cleanser but trust me a single pump which realises such a small amount is enough for the whole face and in 2 months I've used just under a quarter of the 125ml bottle. 

Nude by Nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation 
£25.00 - Feel Unique here or ASOS here
Last month I was introduced to newly UK launched Nude by Nature, the number 1 makeup brand in Australia. Of course I was first attractive by the stunning rose gold packaging but once I read a bit about them I liked the sound of makeup that's good for my skin as it's true we care about what's in our skincare but then not our makeup - it just doesn't make sense! Alongside lots of other gorgeous products the loose powder foundation stood out to me due to it's key ingredients and it's extensive range of 20 shades. I was also looking for a medium coverage foundation that didn't feel like foundation on my skin... and I got just that! With an even flawless coverage this powder feels so lightweight on the skin that it literally doesn't feel like it's on the skin at all, even to touch. This makes it perfect for days when I'm tired and my skin just doesn't want makeup on it! Or when I'm hormonal and I'm having a few breakouts. This really is a luxury powder that I'm so glad to have in my makeup collection. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold (50ml trial size) 
£15.00 - Cult Beauty here 
Last but not least a product I probably should have been raving about back in 2014 when it was having a moment amongst bloggers. But if you know me I'm never one to go with blogging trends as they happen - I simply can't keep up! So basically since receiving this in the amazing product-packed Powder Beauty Drawer mid-Feb I've been using it once a week and I'm already seeing results. With it's natural cell-stimulating and exfoliating properties from the wonderful glycolic acid I'm seeing much smooth and brighter skin. One of my 'problem' areas has always been slight congestion around my chin area that just looks a bit yellow in colour and slightly bumpy but already I'm seeing such an improvement and I've noticed the tiny bump to my forehead have magically disappeared! I will keep on using this and probably build up to 3 applications a week before bed for maximum results. If you've always wondered what the fuss is about with this product then the trial size is perfect to pick up and try for a month or so.

I'd love to know what you've been loving luxury wise recently! 

Fee xo. 

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