Interesting Beauty Facts You Probably Didn't Know!


 When it comes to beauty I love everything about it! I of course love trying new products but I also love researching the history of beauty brands and even finding out interesting facts.

 So today I've compiled today a range of interesting beauty facts that you probably didn't know.

OPI first started out as a dental supply company and O.P.I actually stands for -  Odontorium Products Inc.

The Queen only ever wears Essie Ballet Slippers on her nails and has done since the 1980's. That's me nipping into Boots to pick it up then!

She also likes to wear Clarins makeup and commissioned for her own personal royal red lipstick.

 Ever wondered what LORAC stands for? It's the founders name, Carol, spelt backwards! Mind slightly blown there.

The man behind Barry M, Barry Mero sadly died in 2014 at the age of 69. The company is now run by his wife and two children, keeping it a family business! 

In 1863 the world's first ever powder blush was created by Bourjois. 

Zoeva was started by Zoe Boikou who first started selling unbranded makeup brushes via an eBay shop in 2007.

 Hope you've found these facts as interesting as I did!

Fee xo.
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