eBay Haul - What I Bought in February 2016


Ahhh eBay, how I love you so! You fill my life with mainly unnecessary items that I seem to love and my bank balance doesn't get sad over. 

This month I've been totally in love with what eBay has to offer and I've pulled together some pretty good eBay Bargain posts if I do say so myself, which you can catch up on here. This of course meant I bought half of the items I featured and as quite a few things turned up in speedy time I thought I'd share them in another monthly eBay haul! 

Set of 10 Kubuki Makeup Brushes 
£3.99 - eBay here 
Soooo I didn't need any more makeup brushes but 10 for £3.99 is such an amazing bargain that I couldn't resist. In fact I already have the 5 eyeshadow blending brushes and love them so I thought 5 more as clean blending brushes could only be a good thing! These are actually really well made for the price with strong wooden handles and silver ferrules that aren't weak in the least. As for the bristles they are super soft and feel amazing over the face, just like any other well made makeup brushes to be honest. I personally love using the flat topped brush for buffing in my foundation as it gives a perfect finish, the slightly slanted one for adding cream bronzer and the other two I've been using for powder and cream blush, so as you can see I've already been getting so much use out of them. As for downsides, though there aren't many, I'd say all of the face brushes are quite dense so they do soak but a lot of product which is why I apply to my face instead of the brush and then blend. These also aren't cut in the most precise way, especially the face brushes however this doesn't effect the performance of them! As for shedding I've actually had minimal and only see a few loose bristles when cleaning them. Overall these are just amazing for the price and I'd recommend them to anyone!

Black Head Peel-Off Mask 
99p each - eBay here
At the moment these peel-off type masks for your nose are incredibly popular but as I just wanted to give it a whirl to see how it worked for me I decided to just buy a single sachet for my nose and chin area. To use you simply smooth the thick black mask over your nose and wait 15 minutes until it's completely dry, then you peel it back and let it remove your nasty blackheads! Firstly I kind of enjoyed doing this as it was a different kind of mask and I was eager to see if it would work. On peeling off the mask it didn't hurt or pull at my skin unlike traditional pore stripes I've used in the past and it did actually get quite a few blackheads from the sides of my nose which was quite satisfying! But the best results of all were on my chin as it removed ones that I could actually see in the mirror which I was so pleased about! I have enough left in the sachet for another application so I will be trying it again on my nose in hope that it will pull out a few more pesky blackheads! For 99p each I'd definitely buy a sachet or two again when I'm seeing a lot of blackheads on my skin (because I guess you could use it anywhere on the face) or before going on holiday. 

Silicone Face Exfoliator 
99p - eBay here
This was one of those last minute impulse buys before I went through the eBay checkout because it was cheap and I thought why not try one out. I've already been using this in the shower and sometimes to massage in my cream cleanser more at night and it feels lovely. It's of course not an abrasive exfoliator being made from rubber but I like that because over scrubbing the skin is a no-no. I'm sure I will stop using this after a while because that seems to happen even with things I like but then I thought I could then use it to clean eyeshadow brushes on! 

W7 Lip Legend Matte Top Coat 
£3.49 - eBay here
I decided I need to try this out as I'm currently obsessed with matte lips and I've been using translucent powder to get that effect which works but it's messy. So I was intrigued to find out if this worked and could be my saviour from having a messy desk every time I do my makeup. So does it work? Yes! A million times yes! One first try of this with a glossy lipstick I was just amazed. Within a few swipes over the lips it transforms any lipstick into something beautifully matte and the best thing about it... it doesn't make the lips feel like a desert! I'm literally so pleased with this find! Negatives to it would be that you do have to clean it after every use because the lipstick you are already wearing does come off onto it and the other thing would be that because its a top coat, so it's sitting over a glossy/lustre lipstick it isn't as long lasting as a true matte lipstick or if you used the powder technique. But the benefit of this is you can achieve matte lips with all your lipsticks and it's not uncomfortable! 


LA Girl Pro Concealer 
£3.43 each - eBay here 
Of course I had to pick up at least one of the LA Girl Pro concealers to try out as I've seem so many amazing reviews on them lately and I was in need of a new brightening concealer. This is exactly how I imagine it to be from reading a ton of glowing reviews and I can firmly say that I will be buying more to use to contour with and possibly some of the corrector shades. I went for the lightest shade, which was a good choice as it matches my pale skin perfectly and slightly brightens my under eye area. As for the consistency it's lightweight and very blendable with a nice medium coverage. Another successful purchase that I will be using daily! 

MeNow Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lipsticks
£1.45 each - eBay here 
Out of the entire haul these two MeNow Matte Liquid Lipticks are without a doubt my favourite purchases, so much so that I've already bought two more shades! As you can see these are highly pigmented matte cream lipsticks in two amazing shades (#18 and #25). But actually the best thing about them are how long they last, because these seriously last on the lips through eating and drinking and then I have to get a makeup remover to remove them! Just incredible. The only downside it that they do feel dry on the lips, more so if you over apply I've noticed, however I have tried worse in the past and they are still wearable and not uncomfortable. I know every month I will be pick up a few more shades from eBay to build up my collection because they are just amazing for the price. Love, love, love!

Cotton Sheet Face Masks 
£1.85 for 10 sheets - eBay here
Lastly I decided to try out some cotton sheet masks to use with the many face masks I own and even Essence lotion. These come as a set 10 fine cotton sheets (up to 100 for £5.99) that can be soaked in a DIY liquid face mask (in a small dish or shot glass) or simply pressed onto the face after you've applied a face mask with your fingers. So far I've used one of the sheet masks dipped into B. Essence Lotion and sat relaxing with it for 15 minutes which was really refreshing and left my skin feeling so soft and actually brighter. Much like sheet masks in sachets these are over sized which work fine however the good thing about these is that you can trim them all together to fit the size of your face better! Another eBay buy I will be getting a lot of use from for the price.

Hope you've found a few beauty bargains! 

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Fee xo. 
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