Carmen by Samantha Hands-Free Hairdryer Review


For the last 8+ years I've solely used a hair dryer to dry my hair. This may not be the most ideal thing for it but with long frizzy locks I simply need heat to smooth and tame it. In this time I've gone through quite a few hairdryers - from arm achingly heavy ones to travel size ones and many in-between. 

But you see I've always found drying my hair an effort and my arm still hasn't developed any muscle even after all these years so the arm ache is real, especially with higher end bulky hair dryers Also who enjoys drying their hair anyway!

That was until I was made aware of this amazing Hands-Free Hairdryer by Carmen. Before then I'd vaguely heard of Carmen for straighteners and tongs but never used any of their products. But as soon I read the words 'hand-free' I knew I needed to try it! 

The benefits of a hand-free hairdryer I've realised so far - No arm ache (whoop whoop!), you can literally just sit in front of it if you so wish (good for extra tired mornings), you can use brushes on your hair as it dries to give yourself a pretty great blowdry, good for people with disabilities, you can be scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, you name it, as your hair dries (maybe not for phone calls mind!). Bonus use - you can use it as a mini hand warmer! 

Price - Amazon £39.98 here - Very £42.00 here


Firstly I feel I should tell you what the hairdryer includes because it can actually be used as a standard hair dryer and a hands-free hair dryer! In the box you will find - the main hairdryer section, a base with silicone grip pads, a large plastic handle attachment to turn it into a standard handheld dryer, a concentrated nozzle and a soft finger diffuser. The hairdryer also features 2 speed settings, 3 temperature controls, a locking cool shot button  plus a 3 year warranty - pretty good! 

Boring stuff aside, I've now been using the hair dryer for just over a month every time I dry my hair. Though the actual body of the hair dryer is pretty lightweight compared to others I decided to try out the hand-free function of it straight away because the idea of just sitting there and having the dryer dry my hair for me was a pretty good one! On first use I accidentally had the cool button pressed in which meant I sillily sat for 15+ minutes for my hair to dry! However my 2nd attempt after realising I'd had the cool button one, was much more successful and it took all of 7 minutes to fully dry my hair (yes, I timed it). I did find I needed to turn around and tilt my head back to get the back of my hair but other than that it was a breeze to use. 

I have yet to give myself an Essex style blow dry due to sheer laziness and much prefer to brush my hair through with a Tangle Teezer and sit in front of the hair dryer moving my head from time to time to evenly dry my hair. As I've been loving how quickly I can now dry my hair I also decided to purchase a travel size Cloud Nine Quick Dry Potion 50ml (ASOS £5.99 here) which you spritz into wet hair to protect it from heat and to cut your hairs drying time by half! This really has been a wonder product for me and means I can sit in front of my hand-free hair dryer and my hair can be fully dry within 3-4 minutes which is pretty damn amazing! And your hair smells of watermelon from the spray! Side note to self - purchase the full size bottle when you run out.

If you find drying your hair a chore or you have a disability that makes it difficult then this hand-free hair dryer will be amazing. Or if you just fancy creating better blow dries at home then this is the hair dryer for you! 

A bit of a lengthy post today as I wanted to give this product an in-depth review. But if I've missed anything and you want to ask any questions about it just leave me a comment below. 

Fee xo.

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