eBay Bargains #37 - Rose Gold Beauties (under £3)

The rose gold trend is still going strong in the blogging world, right? Well I know I'm still loving it! So today I thought I'd hunt down more than a few rose gold beauties that are all extremely cheap yet wonderful. Basically I want everything here! 

 Eat Cake For Breakfast Watch 
4 variations available (£2.45 eBay here
Yes, yes, you are seeing this correctly... a Kate Spade dupe for under £3?! I know, amazing right?! I never really pick up copies on eBay but I seriously cannot resist this for the price. I've always loved the 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' range and this watch is just perfection! 

Stork Nail/Craft Scissors 
(£1.99 eBay here)
Now I'm not sure why you or I would need some small stork shaped scissors but one thing is for certain, they are damn cute. Actually I'd probably use these to get into parcels and to just look pretty on my desk! I need them.

Rose Gold  Rabbit Lip Balm
(£3.00 eBay here)
Another amazingly cute item here that I stumbled across after hours of eBay searching. This is actually by Ann Summers of all places but it's the right side of tacky for me with all the lovely detail to it. I'm so very tempted to get this as I'm such a lip balm junkie and this would be a lovely one to add to my collection.

Set of 20 Rose Gold Makeup Brushes 
(£2.98 eBay here)
Now this could potentially be a hit & miss item as a few of the brushes do look a tad rubbish! However it's one of those buys where you may find a handful of nice brushes and the others you will want to pass onto someone younger or throw away. Quite a few of the angled brushes look good, as do two of the doubled ended brushes and a spoolie always comes in handy. I'm also thinking the foundation brush may not to that good however I'd personally use it to apply face masks! Overall I think this is certainly worth the price, just don't expect amazing quality.

Cartier Style Bracelet
6 variations available (£1.51 eBay here)
I personally love wearing bangles and one that looks like the £4,600.00 Cartier bracelet is right up my street! This comes in a range of finishes and with crystals for 10p extra - I know, crazy! I'm sure this will tarnish if it comes into contact with perfume or water but for the price I can't resist it! *edit - Pompom keychain removed due to it being made from rabbit fur*

3D Metal Nail Art Decals 
Wheel of 100 pieces (99p eBay here) 
Last but not least another amazing bargain find that I instantly snapped up. These 3D metal nail decals come in a mix of 12 different designs (mermaid, diamond, butterfly, stars, musical note, crown etc) in both black and bronze and can simply be added to the nails with a clear top coat. I can't wait to try some of the bronze decals over nude nails now! 

 Hope you've found some lovely things here! 

Fee xo. 

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