A Quick & Easy Way to Wash Makeup Brushes!


Let's face it, washing makeup brushes is a chore, a chore in which I'm sure most of us put off and ignore until there's a stack of brushes that really need to be cleaned - ASAP! 

However a few tools can speed up the brush washing process and basically make it less of a ballache to do! These are totally inexpensive and have changed the way I wash my brushes, and actually how often I do it! Read on to find out how I like wash my makeup brushes and to have a glimpse at part of my brush collection. 


My Game Changing Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool
Washing makeup brushes by hands can be both slow going and drying on the hands so when Sigma came out with there makeup brush mitt I thought why not use a silicone oven glove mitt! Because it is virtually the same thing after all! The mitt saves your nails and hands from drying out and creates so much lather compared to washing brushes in the palm of your hand. Plus the silicone ridges really work the soapy lather into fibres of the brushes to give them a deep cleanse! The best place to find a silicone mitt is eBay with the lowest priced being this one here for only £2.19.

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes 
Firstly I prefer to wash my brushes by the kitchen sink, I find this gives me more room and I can place all my brushes on the drainer as I wash them. To start I like to quickly wet all my dirty brushes in the sink and also wet my makeup brush glove/mitt. I then add a few drops of Dr. Bronner Organic Liquid Soap (from £5.50 on ASOS here) to the mitt - this is my FAVOURITE soap to wash makeup brushes with as it creates a good lather and so little is needed. I swear my last bottle lasted me 2 years!

Then taking one of the larger brushes that requires cleaning I rub it over the silicone mitt to create a good lather and to clean the brush. I then rinse it under the running tap and place it in the smaller section of my sink. I repeat this step with all my brushes until I'm done! To clean all the brushes that you see in this post it took me around 5 minutes.


Once all my brushes have been washed and quickly rinsed I give them another rinse with warm water to make sure they are totally soap-free. Then placing them on the draining board of my sink I lightly squeeze the excess water from each brush and reshape them if needed. 

Next, taking a folded up towel or a a mirofibre drying matt (£2.89 eBay here) I place all my brushes in a row to dry. After a few hours I like to turn each brush over just so they don't dry misshaped. 

With both the silicone mitt and the super cleansing Dr. Bronner Liquid Soap this boring task is made quick and easy! 

Fee xo.

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