My Top 3 Products for Oily Skin


Over the years I've tried endless products to help my oily, blemish-prone skin and with it I've found some pretty great products that really do keep the shine, bumps and of course spot at bay. 

Of course thoroughly cleansing the skin, even double cleansing, and exfoliating regularly plays a large part in keeping my skin free from any nasties. But when it comes to improving on how oily my skin looks throughout the day, how smooth it appears and how blackhead-free it is really is down to three amazing products.


La Roche-Posay Effaclar K 30ml 
£12.65 - Escentual here 
 When it comes to daily moisturisers I've tried a lot... because basically finding one for oily/blemish-prone skin is tricky! You want it to moisturise but also help with pores, blemishes and oil secretion. For the longest time I was using La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo and although it helped with the odd blemish that would crop up I found it didn't really do much for me as a daily moisturiser. But then after looking at other products from La Roche-Posay I discovered Effaclar K, which in my opinion is a totally overlooked product. Within a week of using this light fluid I noticed such a difference in the texture of my skin especially around my chin area, nose and forehead. From years of spots and whiteheads (TMI?) I had developed quite bumpy uneven skin but Effaclar K seemed to even out my skin pretty much instantly and also helped with the appearance of some enlarged pores. I will say this doesn't keep oil at bay but it definitely works a treat of uneven skin texture and pores.
Mudd Original Mask - 5 applications 
£2.99 - Amazon here 
For me face masks are not only a nice pamper time where I can sit and relax with a book or magazine, but a way of controlling how oily my skin is. Depending on the time of the month and even the season I often kind my skin can produce more oil especially around my chin area and nose. For times like these I whip out my Mudd Mask and instantly I can see it drawing out excess oil from my skin. It also reduces how oily my skin is for the next few days before I use it again. I've tried so many face masks now but this has to be the best and most affordable one I've found! I also find it declogs my pores especially around my nose, making my skin clearer and less likely for me to squeeze any.... yes, I am guilty of that!! If you find you have excess oil on your skin then this face mask is a must try.

Gosh Prime n' Set Setting Powder 
£6.99 reduced - Superdrug here
A setting/mattifying powder for anyone with oily skin is a must to remove shine from the skin and to keep makeup in place. But only last year did I find the powder of my dreams that keeps shine and oil at bay all day long and can be even used under makeup as an extra layer of protection from oil and as a primer! My preferred way to use this is over makeup to totally set it for the entire day. However using it as a base as well gives a silky touch to the skin which foundation applies nicely to and totally stops oil even on hot days. I just totally love this powder!

These three products really work wonders on my skin... I'd love to know your favourites if you also suffer from over oily skin! 

Fee xo. 
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