My Favourite Picks from New Look's Upcoming Homeware range!


Yes you read it right, New Look are launching their own homeware range! And as you may have guessed I'm a little excited about it! Well excited enough to write a homeware post about it on my beauty blog - pretty excited then. 

Come the end of September New Look with be launching a whole range of goodies (IT'S NOW HERE, LIKE RIGHT HERE!); from candles, cushions, wall art and even lighting, all at an affordable price. From the look of the items they will slots in between the quality and pricing of Primark and H&M very nicely!

Above are ten of my favourite items from the range and to give you a heads up on how much everything will cost I have included the prices below. Of course large stores will be stocking the entire range and I'm sure smaller stores will stock smaller items such as the adorable mugs and glassware, but as for if they will be selling online I really don't have a clue - I have my fingers crossed! 

Copper Tealight Holder £7.99, Cushion £7.99, Hanging Copper Tealight Holder £7.99, Gold Jam Jar Cup £6.99, Arrow Light £9.99, Cup Set £9.99, Unicorn Money Box £6.99, Small Storage Jar £3.99, Doorstop £9.99, Mug £4.99 .

 I truly love all the pieces above but my favourite picks have to be all the lovely copper pieces, especially the Hanging Copper Tealight Holder that I can imagine looking beautiful filled with twinkly fairy lights. I also love the geometric tealight holder and the lovely mug with copper foil text to it - these will all have to be mine! 

Overall the range looks to be great value and caters for both teens and more mature customers which I'm so pleased about! Basically there's something for everyone here. 

Edit - You can find the full range on the New Look website here.

I can't wait to pick up a few items now and show them off in an Winter homeware haul. 

Fee xo.

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