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We've all purchased products that have turned out to be rubbish! It's a sad time. But what's even more harrowing is when you have high hopes for a product and they're shattered into a million pieces and you're then torn between casting it off to a friend in hope that they will like it and throwing it in the bin. 

Below are 5 products I have that current dilemma with as they just aren't usable to me personally! Looking at them as a collective my heart weeps (okay, slightly dramatic) as they really should have been products I loved, but alas it just wasn't meant to be.

Kardashian Beauty (Khroma) Au Natural Lip Set 
For the longest time I've wanted to try out something from the Kardashian Beauty range, so when I spotted this lip set in TK Maxx at only £7.99 I snapped it up. I have a love of nude lips and was in need of a good nude lip liner. But sadly as soon as I started to use said product it snapped... then it snapped again, and again. I used it with an even lighter hand but still it would just snap off against my lip. So I gave up! But at least I had the lovely nude lipgloss I told myself. But no... that also sadly turned out to be a big fat fail. For one it was honey scented... have you ever tasted a honey scented lip product? No, neither had I up until that moment and there is a reason for it... the taste/smell of honey in a makeup product is just wrong. I'm going to say it... it smelt granny-ish. Not good. Not good at all. That aside, if I could put that aside, it was also pretty sticky and just too light in colour for my lips. Unfortunately such a fail of a product for me!

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine 
When it comes to anything containing coconut or more importantly coconut oil I have to have it. So when I saw this on The Body Shop website with countless amazing reviews it went straight into my basket. But now after many months of trying to like this product I have to admit... I just don't get it. Essentially this hard oil is supposed to be worked under the fingertips to warm up and liquify it before being run through the ends of the hair to add shine and tame frizz. That just didn't happen for me, it left my hair looking slightly greasy and a bit lank. I also found it was tricky to use the product by just rubbing my fingertips over the solid oil. I'm sure this is a lovely product for many but it sadly didn't work for me.


Rodial Super Food Multi Balm Multi 
This is a bit of an unusual one as it was actually a free gift with a magazine so in reality it cost me £4.50 however the normal price of the product is a whopping £25! So knowing this and that Rodial are a pretty good high-end brand I was expecting wonders. Sadly this didn't deliver wonders, just a thick heavily scented cream that I certainly didn't want to use on my face or lips. I actually tried it as a lip balm and instantly had to wipe it off due to the potent smell of rose essential oils - just awful. Unless you have seriously dry skin then I really can't see the point in this product.

Burts Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Scrub
Oh Burt, how you have failed me with this product. This is a body scrub that I'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing about for months every time I was shopping in Boots, but then I thought I'd treat myself (it is £12.99 after all) with summer coming up. But, oh how badly this product sucked... I mean really. Firstly the sugar scrub is way, way too thick and course. Then there's the fact it seems to be mixed with this heavy gloopy oil that just sits on the skin even once you're dry. And then if that wasn't enough, the scent, which I imagined to be a wonderful mix, smelt well a bit sour and tart and just not that pleasant at all. As I was so surprised at how rubbish this scrub was I took to Makeup Alley to look at reviews and there I saw page after page of 1 and 2 stars reviews very much similar to this one. This is sadly now being used as a costly foot scrub *sigh*

Colab London Volume Dry Shampoo  
Lastly a product I feel I have only myself to blame for. You see I always persuade myself into trying yet another volumising dry shampoo in hope that it will be some light and airy miracle product that will puff up my roots and give me Kim Kardashian-esque hair. But in the back of my mind I know it will virtually be the effect and feel of backcombing mixed with hair spray - product-ful, itchy and stiff. So sadly this was just another volumising dry shampoo I ended up using once and then ditching into my ever growing box of hair products I haven't got on with. That said I kind of didn't want to include this product as the original Colab Dry Shampoo range is amazing and is leaps and bounds ahead of Batiste! And if you love that backcombed/hairspray effect you will probably love this product. I personally hate it! 

Would love to hear what you thought of any of these products if you've tried them out! 

What is your own current fail product? 

Fee xo.

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