eBay Bargains #19 - Wish List


As all of my eBay posts seem to be themed as of late I thought I'd throw in a random wish list with a few of the items that are currently on my watch list ready to be snapped up! Hope a few of these things tempt you as well! 

The Grand Budapest Hotel Print/Poster (A4 £5.90 HERE/A3 £9.10 HERE
If you've watched The Grand Budapest Hotel you will know it's a pretty epic film! And iff you haven't then seriously you need to get on it! Not only is the film an amazing tale but it's visually impressive and I just love that pink hotel. So I sure this print would look amazing framed and in a corner of my dining room.

3DHD Sigma Kabuki Brush Dupe! (£1.69 HERE
I'm all about makeup brushes on eBay at the moment and this is my current find - I've already snapped it up. This oddly shaped brush is a dupe of the fairly new 3DHD Sigma Brush that retails for £15. If my last few makeup brush purchases from eBay (post here) are anything to go by then this will be a winner!

Fruit Infused Water Bottle 700ml (£6.39 HERE
Okay, so I'm totally falling for a trend here because you could just throw some fruit in your water bottle but I love how it's contained so you don't get any bits! Totally needed for summer and to improve how much water I drink. *FYI - This is the cheapest I've found on eBay in the UK as I wouldn't order from China in this instance as you want the bottle/plastic to be BPA free!*

Summer Feather Nail Decals (99p HERE)
In the past I've found full nail decals tricky... I never can seem to cut them to the right size and they always lift around the cuticles or tips. However I've recently discovered how much easier and better nail stickers are that just need to be placed on a part of the nail. These really caught my eye and I could imagine them looking amazing over a white/off white nail polish such as Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Coconut. 

W7 In The Mood Eyeshadow Palette (Naked Basics Palette Dupe) (£3.99 HERE
This was a highlighted to me by my friend Maxi as I can't seem to keep up with all the new products W7 have been launching lately! Seriously, they need to up their promo game and get on Twitter or just do social media I swear. Mini rant aside, this looks such a lovely palette and something I need regardless of now many eyeshadow palette I own now! Also it comes in a metal tin just like some of the Urban Decay Naked palettes... pretty amazing for the price! 

Hope you've enjoyed this post! 
Fee xo. 

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