Under £3 Beauty Must-Haves for Spring/Summer #6


After picking up a total bargain beauty buy last week I realised I couldn't remember when I last posted a 'Under £3' post. So I decided to have a root through some recent products and came up with a spring appropiate blog post full of bargains! 

Bargain posts like these really are my favourite to do as makeup/beauty can be a costly hobby! But there truly are some amazing products out there at the price of a Starbucks coffee.


Marks & Spencer Nature's Extracts Collection - Lemon Verbena Body Mist
£3.00 in-store or £1.50 (half price!) online HERE
You know that total bargain buy I was just on about that prompted this blog post? Well this is it! Seriously, how cheap for a body mist... and from Marks & Spencer of all places. This is a wonderful scent for spring/summer whether you want to keep it in your handbag/gym bag or just spritz it over clothes, just so fresh and zingy. The sillage isn't the best however I think that's to be expected with body mists and for £3 I really don't mind using it more than a standard perfume. I also spotted a Coconut Body Mist from the same range that I imagine to smell amazing!

W7 Lip Bomb Lip Balm - Strawberry
£2.99 - eBay HERE   
Oh lookie here, another copycat product from W7! If this wasn't a slightly different shape I'd say this was exactly like an EOS lip balm. I love lip balms with this kind of domed shape, perfect for applying on the go without having to use your fingers. The strawberry scent is lovely and the texture really does keep the lips smooth. Now tempted to get the cherry version.  


Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
£3.30 - Wilko HERE or in-store 
For me Essence is an amazing budget brand and thanks to Wilko stores (and online) it's now accessible in the UK. My current love from the brand, though I'm always picking up their amazing XXL Lipglosses, is this beautifully packaged volumising mascara. As you can see the wand is of normal size and with a slight bend to it; perfect for getting right to the roots. This doesn't give huge amounts of volume but does add a slight amount the to base of the lashes and then fans them out. Really feminine and pretty. A great budget mascara that also looks lovely on a dressing table!

Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo
£1.62 (half price) - Superdrug HERE or in-store
As a huge fan of dry shampoo I seem to always be picking up a new can and so last week I decided to try out the new Eden scent which has a longer lasting fragrance and an oh so pretty design to it. The longer lasting scent I can definitely vouch for and the sugar melon scent is really nice compared to others I've tried in the past. Love Colab Dry Shampoo a lot but this is a total bargain right now!  


Collection Field Day Lipstick - Tulip 
£2.99 - Boots HERE or in-store
Last but not least a lovely lip colour that's perfect for Spring/Summer! Quite a bit brighter than my swatch this gorgeous lipstick is creamy and vivid and already becoming a favourite of mine. As this is fairly bright I'm currently preferring to use it just dabbed on the lips as a tint of colour but come summer this as a bold lip will look amazing. There's also two other pretty shades in this collection both worth checking out. Got to love Collection lipsticks! 

Hope you've enjoyed this post and discovering some bargains! 

Fee xo.

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