Spring Favourites 2015


As spring is here I thought I'd group together all my favourite items at the moment and basically rave about them. I personally love this time of year; there seems to be a constant supply on product launches and my interests seem to widen from makeup into reading more and loving interiors! Below are just a few things I've been loving recently that I highly recommend. 


Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint - Coconut 
£3.99 - ASOS HERE
Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes are one of my favourite nail colour ranges on the high street - long lasting, shiny and in a ton of amazing shades. So as I was placing a little ASOS order last month I decided to throw this in there as well. I already have a few neutral shades from the Gelly range but this is now my favourite as it's one of those shades that makes you looked tanned, is great as a base to make neon nail polishes even brighter and it's perfect for nail art, plus it's also just a lovely shade. It's also not a stark white but an off white taking that harshness away. I also love that it only needs 2 coats and lasts a good 4/5 days on the nails. A perfect multi-purpose shade for both spring and summer. Side note - I now really want Rose Hip!

Garnier Oil-Infused Nourishing Lotion for Dry Skin 250ml 
£4.99 - Feel Unique HERE or Boots/Superdrug
So I'm always on the hunt for good body moisturisers because I seem to use them a lot. And finally I feel I've found a high street one that actually feels high end and luxurious! The scent of this with Argan oil being the most noticeable and then a touch of rose and almond instantly reminded me of the lovely REN Rose Gold Dry Body Oil that I adore - just a heavenly scent. As for the lotion itself it soaks into the skin well and feels hydrating and soothing almost. After using up a moisturiser I normally try something else but I know I will keep coming back to this as it's just amazing for the price. Worth picking up! Also available for very dry skin.


EOS Sweet Mint Smooth Lip Balm 
£3.25 - Amazon HERE 
Bargain alert! Yes, a super cheap EOS lip balm on Amazon with free delivery. You know I couldn't not snap it up! I have a billion lip balm already but I seriously didn't know how good EOS lip balms were until I tried this. Firstly the sweet mint scent is just perfect; reminds me of the filling of After Eight Mights with that fresh/sweet mint flavour which also makes your lips tingle a small bit when you first apply it. This also keeps my lips from feeling dry and the sphere shape is very addictive - I find myself applying it multiple times an hour due to how it feels to use it! Love, love, love this.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - Vanilla 
 £22.00 - ASOS HERE 
This was a little treat to myself last month as I don't normally make a habit of spending £20+ on a concealer. I decided my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer although amazing for the price and with good coverge just wasn't cutting it in the dark under-eye circles department. So I took to Google to find something everyone was raving about - and this was it! A can now totally see why, as this is now my everyday concealer even on blemishes and it really does conceal and stays put. So glad I spent that bit more than I normally would to find a concealer that does the job perfectly.

M&S Blank Card - £2 
ASDA White Photo Frames - £1.50
I'm not sure if it's due to the sunnier weather or that I've been obsessed with Pinterest but I'm currently in 'make-my-home pretty' mode. I'm currently on with trying to make a feature wall behind my sofa with lots of different prints and the above yellow print is so far my favourite, I love the saying and the yellow works perfectly with my colour scheme.... plus is was a bargain! You see I love to use normal cards as prints as they're just as good and at the fraction of the price of an actual print - you don't even need to cut them... just pop them into frames! Great places to look for pretty blank cards are M&S, Paperchase, John Lewis and strangely charity shops that have them turn-y card displays. I'm also really impressed with the Asda frame I bought for the print... cheaper than Ikea and great quality!


#Girlboss by Sopia Amoruso
£7.49 - Amazon HERE 
Following Sophia Amoruso's story to success in her own words this was a book I picked up to motivate me.  From the reviews on Amazon I knew it wasn't going to be anything with solid business advice but I was surprised as how good this book was... well is, as I'm still reading it. A super easy and positive read. If you are looking to start up your own business or you're self employed then this is a great light read with a mix of Sophia's own journey and lots wisdom thrown in.

Hope you've enjoyed this post - love when I get to review things other than beauty products! 

Fee xo.

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