My Skin Game Changers


Drinking more damn water! 
So every skincare rules article/post includes drinking your 8 glasses a day and it's boring. We all know we should be drinking water but when other things are on offer and you also don't fancy needing the toilet all day long, it can be tricky. But for me placing a Water Filter Jug (Tesco) in the fridge and buying a Bobble Water Bottle (£6.00 - Amazon here) for my handbag was a serious skin game changer. Without realising it I upped my water consumption and saw a huge difference in my skin within only a week. My skin is now all round brighter in tone and blemishes only seem to appear during that hormonal time of the month, which I doubt I will ever be able to prevent. If you struggle with drinking water I highly recommend a Fruit Infused Water Bottle (£6.39 - eBay here) where you can place cut up fruit into a special filter to infuse/flavour the water. I also find placing fruit  in ice cubes to be really good especially in summer. If your skin is looking dull or you're still getting blemishes even with a good skincare routine then upping your water intake can really make a noticeable difference!

Ditching the abrasive face exfoliators 
For years and years I used abrasive scrubs to exfoliate my face because I didn't know anything else existed! But with a risk of broken blood vessels and generally over scrubbing the skin, face scrubs can actually do more harm than good, plus they are pretty crap for the environment as the plastic microbeads are going straight down the plug hole and effecting poor fish. Alternatives to abrasive scrubs are chemical exfoliators (look out for glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid) in toners or exfoliating pads to be used after cleansing. Or in powder form, which I personally prefer, which works due to the rice-based enzyme powder that micro exfoliates the dead skin cells away. This literally feels like a slightly foaming powder on the skin and you can instantly feel the difference after using it. My favourite is the Demalogica Daily Microfoliant (£37.00 - Look Fantastic here) but a cheaper option which I'm currently using and can see much of a difference with is the DHC Face Wash Powder (£9.50 - DHC UK here). Switching to these types of exfoliators can keep dry skin at bay and looking brighter and all-round nicer.


 Cleansing with oils
Along with drinking enough water, cleansing thoroughly is a major factor in having good skin. After trying countless different types of cleansers I've settled on the fact that oils work the best for me. There's something about an oil that I love, the way it slides over the skin emulsifying makeup, then how it's easily washed away to reveal soft clean skin. My favourites are the Superfacialist Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil (£10.99 - Boots here) and Nude Perfect Cleansing Nourishing Oil (£28.00 - Space NK here) both amazing but I'd recommend the Superfacialist Cleansing Oil to everyone... I'd even suggest it's the best cleanser on the high street!

A few years ago now after a nice summer I looked in the mirror to see I'd developed small sun spots under my eyes. I was pretty shocked as our summers aren't renowned for being the hottest but I guess with my pale skin I should have been wearing SPF daily. Since then come the sight of spring I incorporate a facial SPF into my makeup routine whether that be a low spf tint under makeup on cloudy days or a high SPF 50 tint alone or under makeup on hot sunny days. As my low everyday SPF I've just started using the Monu Perfecting Tint SPF 15 (£27.95 - Feel Unique here) which feels lovely on the skin and works well as a base for me... though I imagine for a non-makeup look it would also work well. This is just enough SPF for me daily. But come them rare hot days I whack on Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint SPF 50 (£12.77 -Amazon here), again it's a light tint which I apply all over my face (even eyelids) under makeup. The Sun Sense Daily SPF 50 is also my god send product on beach holidays! Thankfully my unwanted sunspots have faded gradually and since using SPF properly I haven't seen any new ones appear or have sun burnt my face. Hopefully by being more vigilant I will also be slowing down how my skin ages! 

Would love to hear what your own skin game changers are!

Fee xo.  

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