Summer Reading List 2015


For me there's nothing more enjoyable than spending a sunny afternoon in another world by reading. Come summer I love to devour book after book if I can! Maybe it's the longer days or the fact I don't want to be stuck inside working so I certainly put time aside to read and find it such a relaxing and rewarding pass time

Each year now as summer approaches I stock up on a stack of books that I've heard only good things about. So here is this year's crop that I cannot wait to get stuck into! If you're a fellow book worm hopefully this will highlight a few books to you... I've also included a few other recommendations at the bottom of this post of books I've already loved in 2015. 


All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
£5.89 - Amazon here
I don't often purchase a book from an Instagram image alone but when I spotted this on Reese Witherspoon's feed framed by her tanned feet and sunnies (which I now also want!) I decided in haste to buy it as it seemed a perfect summertime read. Impulse purchase aside, this is already a huge hit of a book in the U.S claiming this year's coveted Pulitzer Price for fiction and took a staggering 10 years in writing - pretty impressive. This book from the reviews I've read is set in World War II and centers around a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths cross. Of course there is will much more too it than that but I'm wanting to keep it a surprise for myself.  FYI - The paperback version has an amazing luster/shimmery finish to the cover. LOVE!

One Day by David Nicholls
£2.00 - Amazon here
Next up, a book that's been on my to-read list for well over a year but for some reason it hasn't grabbed me enough to actually buy it. But thankfully my sister bought this for me as a little extra present for my birthday - so now I will finally read it! I doubt I need to explain the premise as this is such a popular book but in a nutshell the book opens with two people meeting for the first time and re-visits them on the same day each year for twenty years. Sounds like a good summer read to me! 

The Skeleton Cupboard by Tanya Byron
£4.00 - Amazon here
In between fiction I like to mix it up a bit with gripping and more in-depth reads. Which is why I picked up The Skeleton Cupboard. This frank and honest book is Tanya Byron's account of her first years of training as a clinical psychologist with case studies of her clients and situations she found herself in. From reading the first few pages I know this will be such an insightful read that I probably won't be able to put down! If you are interested in mental health, or in people in general, then this looks a good one.


Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig 
£6.99 - Amazon here
 Another non-fiction book here and one I decided to buy after reading The Humans, also by Matt Haig, which I'd highly recommend! What instantly grabbed me with The Humans which even though fiction was Matt's view of life; almost through fresh eyes and grateful. So when I found out about Reasons To Stay Alive it all made sense and fell into place as the book is part memoir, part self-help on depression and anxiety. With Matt's unique way of seeing the world and intelligence I'm more than sure this is going to be an amazing read. 

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
£3.85 - Amazon here
I'm currently trying my best not to watch the film adaptation of this before reading the book as I know it will be better in words - but I'm struggling! Films are just so easy to watch aren't they? This was bought on recommendation by my sister who read it on holiday and loved it. Focusing on the deteriorating mind of Alice, a professor at Harvard, the story is of Early-onset Alzheimer's and the struggles that come with it. This isn't a typical summer read and I can imagine it's not to be the happiest of books but one that interests me none the less. 

The Miniaturist by Jessica Burton 
£3.85 - Amazon here
This is the book I'm currently reading and sadly not giving enough time to at the moment! 
Set in 1686 the book tells the story of eighteen year old Nelia who is gifted a doll's house replica of her home by her new yet aloof husband. She then sets about furnishing her unique gift with the help of a miniaturist... but of course with twists and turns along the way. I imagined this story to be a lot more wordy than it is which instantly made it an easy but intriguing read for me. I cannot wait to put some time aside to finish this off now!
Other books I've read this year and highly recommend  - The Humans, The Farm, #Girlboss, Elizabeth is Missing.

Now for summer to appear! 
Hope you've found a new read or two here. 

Fee xo.

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