eBay Bargains #20 - Desk Storage


I decided to set myself a little task this week of seeking out some unique desk storage finds for this week's eBay Bargains post. Hours spent searching paid off as I think  I've found some pretty unique items here! Hope you like!

Smoked Acrylic Multi Organiser 
£5.49 - eBay HERE   
90% of beauty bloggers seem to own some kind of acrylic storage to store their makeup in though I've yet to see anyone with this smoked effect storage! For me this looks really classy and kind of Kate Spade-ish in style. With lots of other gold or copper items on your desk this would look great.

Lotus Cotton Bud Holder 
£2.49 - eBay HERE
What is this I hear you ask. Well it's exactly what it looks like... a cotton bud holder that looks like a pretty lotus flower of course! What every person needs in their home, right? Totally bought this so people can visit my bathroom and be like "Ohhh clever". Haha love it!

Double Acrylic Makeup Storage Case
£9.77 - eBay HERE
Large acrylic storage is my thing! I love being able to see what I have yet display it nicely and I feel this storage case would do just that. I'd personally fill the bottom 3 sections with various makeup compacts and even spare hair ties and in the top I would display either side my every day makeup items along with my favourite lipsticks in the centre. Ahhh this is just perfect.
Pod Storage Box 
£5.68 - eBay HERE
Another crazy but amazing find here that reminds me of venus fly traps! Strange but cute! This ingenious little contraption actually holds practically anything upright - makeup brushes, toothpaste, a glue stick... a stapler! Examples of this can be seen in the listing which I was just amazed by! Such a clever little thing and it some lovely colours too.

Grass Storage Holder 
£2.97 - eBay HERE
So in the image above the grassy creation/thing/unique storage object is holding toothpaste but my idea would be for it to hold makeup brushes (or pens)! Much cooler and interesting. I could imagine this looking great on a white desk being all chic and different. Side ramble - I actually have a bugbear with having to put my toothbrush and toothpaste in a pot because then the water droplets sit in the bottom and just no. So this interesting grassy thing if you were to use it in the bathroom would solve that problem!  

Wooden Display Box 
£2.75 - eBay HERE
Last but certainly not least another unique find at such a bargain price. Never did I feel I needed a miniature wooden planter at a storage box until now. I mean seriously how cute is this?! Perfect for skincare in the bathroom or random products on your desk. This is quite petite in size but ever so lovely. I'm also thinking this would make the cutest little indoor herb or succulent planter in a kitchen... with a few holes drilled in the bottom of course! 

Just call me the eBay queen! I joke... but seriously, I LOVE eBay! 

Fee xo. 
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