A Pill to Perfect Hair with Hairfinity!


Ever drooled over the Kardashian sisters hair? I know I have - often! I mean their preened silky locks are something to be admired. Well long, lushest hair may not be such a daydream after all! 

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Instead of spending on more hair styling products to beautify what is basically dead and often heat damaged hair, why aren't we thinking about nutrition and growing healthy hair that will look amazing? It's actually bizarre that we don't think about it, because I know when even my nails are looking a bit shabby and are breaking off it's due to being run down and what's going on inside. 

So Hairnitiy is basically a dietary supplements that contains lots of great ingredients that create the building blocks of the protein that gives hair it's strength. Making both the hair and scalp in better condition and letting hair grow faster, longer and fuller!


But back to the Kardashians for a minute as both Kim and Khloe are actual users of Hairfinity and as you can see above with their goddess-like hair they attended the Hairfinity launch party last year which was documented on Keep Up With The Kardashians just last week. Of course I'd still love to know how their hair is styled so amazingly *hunts on YouTube* but it does give hope to the rest of us! 

More on Hairfinity - A bottle of the Hairfinity supplements costs £24.00 and contains 60 capsules which are to be taken twice a day, making a bottle last one month. Available to buy on the Hairfinity UK website. FYI - A bottle sells every 20 seconds in the US?!?!?

Of course I can't give you my own impressions just yet but I will be taking a full month course of the hair supplements and will get back to you with my results and thoughts next month! 

Fee xo.
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