An Ode to Bloggers and Creatives Online


Last week I had a bit of 'blah' week. I had stuff on my mind and then I got ill (some crappy 24hr thing). By the end of the week I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and generally sapped of all energy. So I decided to take the day off, sit on my bum with a blanket all day and read blog posts! 

I read blogs daily anyway but I decided to have a bit of a marathon session and came away feeling a million times better. Why? Because as a collective we are pretty amazing! I was in awe of new layouts; us bloggers seem to love to continuously improve, varying writing styles, how creative we all are and our knowledge on such a wide range of topics! But most of all how kind and open we are, that's what struck me the most.

Yes, if you spend too much time on social media you see the cattiness of a handful of bloggers that like to moan about fellow bloggers not sufficiently disclosing and all the rest of it (I'm not saying they're wrong or right FYI!). But on the whole we are a bunch of intelligent, creative and kind people that just want to share.. and for free! 


Of course a lot of bloggers are going 'pro' now and making it their full time job or using their blog to support their business and rightly so! But they are doing it in amazing ways - creating amazing content, often helping and motivating other bloggers and even offering free products. I can't think of many other business niche that do that! Then there are the bloggers that blog for the sheer love of it. The ones that hold down a full time job and manage to take amazing blog photos, write detailed posts and be present on social media! I'm totally in awe of you, I really am! 

Makeup, fashion... hell, even a love of stationary, may seem materialistic and trivial to most some but it's what got a lot of us blogging in the first place or into reading blogs and building this amazing community we have today. So if you are one of those people that blog and put your heart and soul into it - Thank you! You cheered me up no need last week and you're pretty damn amazing! :) 

Hope you all have a fabulous extended weekend if you're in the UK! 

Fee xo.

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