Unexpected Supermarket Beauty Finds


When it comes to doing my food shopping I'm always distracted by the beauty aisles, as alongside all the usual beauty brands I love to discover new products from Supermarket own ranges. Over the years I've stumbled across some amazing products that today I thought I'd collectively share with you in a post. 

All the products in this post can only be found in supermarkets and are pretty bargainous if you ask me! 

NSPA Skin Renewal Gel 
£7.00 for 125ml - Asda 
 NSPA is one of those brands that is loved for their bath & shower range but overlooked when it comes to their skincare range. I can see why as with brands such as with brands such as L'Oreal and No7 to compete against you may instantly think tsupermarket skincare won't be up to scratch. But with a select number of skincare products in the NSPA range it couldn't be more untrue, especially when it comes to the wonderful Skin Renewal Gel. This is a product that aims to exfoliate the skin without any harsh grains, leaving the skin soft and renewed with the use of natural fruit acids. The gel is simply massaged over dry skin, left for a moment and then massage again until the gel is broke down into an oil. Then rinsed off thoroughly with a muslin cloth or sponge. This really does leave the skin so soft and naturally exfoliates dead skin cells from the skin, in fact when using this I notice how much nicer my foundation sits on my skin. If you are wanting to ditch your grainy exfoliator but are on a budget then this is a great product to go for. 

Sainsbury's Hair Scissors 
£5.00 - Sainsbury's 
Whether you trim your own fringe at home between haircuts or you're a hairdresser-a-phobe like myself, then a good pair of hair scissors is a must! However professional scissors generally cost upwards of £10, but are most likely to cost £20+ even in the likes of Sally's. Which is why I was more than pleased to spot the above pair in Sainsbury's for only £5.00. These are perfectly sharp and idea for fringe trims and split-ends, or even fully cutting the hair (I recently cut 7 inches off my hair with these very scissors?!). If you are still using the kitchen scissors on your hair then these are a MUST! You can find similar at Superdrug for £4.49.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter 
£3.09 for 125ml - Waitrose 
This is without the most popular supermarket branded beauty product here, but I'm aware it's not a constantly raved about product so I had to include it! This product is of course aimed at mothers and their babies but is also an amazing all-in-one moisturiser, much like the Weleda Skin Food. The buttery balm is ideal for super dry skin or anyone with dry sensitive skin and just melts into the skin with ease, keeping it moisturised and hydrated. The scent is another highlight of this balm as it has a wonder vanilla-y/white chocolate smell to it that's just divine - I do actually just sit there from time to time and just inhale it!
 I personally use this on any dry areas of my skin, on my neck at times in winter and often on my cuticles... I actually keep it next to my bed, it's that good! However I have spotted reviews of this from people that use this as a facial night cream but I can only imagine this being suitable for very dry skin types as it is a very balm like product. The best moisturiser for very dry skin I've tried! 


BD Trade Secrets Dream Shine Highlighter 
£7.99 - Tesco Stores 
Onto the re-vamped Barbara Daly range at Tesco and one of my favourite products from the new collection. This is a wonderful cream almost serum like highlighter that has beautiful pinky champagne hues in the most amazing packaging for a supermarket product. The highlighter can be of course used on the high points of the face or mixed with any foundation or even concealer to give an all over radiant glow. For me this gives the right amount of highlight to the face without any large glitter particles and looks wonderful on the cheeks. Also perfect for pale to medium skin with pink undertones. A true star of the new BD Trade Secrets range... along with the amazing BD Velvet Lipsticks that is!

Pro Formula Purifying Thermal Face Mask 
99p - Tesco Stores 
Continuing with Tesco, as it's my supermarket of choice when food shopping, a bargain face mask that offers a little bit extra than all the other cheap sachet masks out there. This is a face mask that is intended for oily/combination skin but includes a lovely warm thermal feel to it but is also non-drying. Personally this makes a lovely change from all the other drying (and cracking) clay masks out there that force you not to smile, plus the warm feeling especially in winter is a nice touch. The mask leaves the skin feeling soft but matte and definitely brighter after use.The sachet also allows for two applications - I like to fold mine over and seal it with either clingfilm or a peg. 

Hope you've discovered something new here as blog posts like these are some of my favourite to write!

Fee xo.

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