On Blogging: 5 Tips for Happy Blogging


Another 'blogging tips' kind of post today... because, well they seem to get a good response and I enjoy writing them! But instead of annoying set rules for blogging, because we all should blog how we like, I thought I'd share my own thoughts of how to stay a happy blogger. Hopefully these tips will be relevant to you or at least make you a little more mindful to stay positive!

Be Real. Be Relatable. 
It's easy to slip it's that glossy perfect looking life online, especially as a beauty/fashion blogger it seems. Everything is filtered and within your control. But over time it can definitely feel not that authentic and it definitely won't bring you happiness... especially as you'll feel unable to open up and share things with your readers. Dropping this easy pretence will also make you more relatable to your readers and bring the readers that you do want! So my tip here is to open up more, show your personality and maybe ditch them Instagram filters once in a while! 

Have no internet time, often. 
The internet can be an addictive place - fact. And again as a blogger it's easy to be constantly connect to it, whether it be blogging whilst watching TV at night (I know I'm guilty of that) or constantly checking emails and social media on your phone. This can even affect sleep and never allow you to fully relax without even knowing it. I experience all the above last year which is why I now turn off my laptop, push my phone down the side of my chair and watch a film on a regular basis. Also when I'm cooking or baking, which is something I massively enjoy, I will make a point to leave my phone elsewhere even if it means relying on an egg timer to time everything! I also know some people even have 'black out' nights in which they totally disconnect from the internet which I can see being such a good idea and a way to totally relax.

Don't sweat the small stuff
From personal experience and talking to other bloggers I know that it's easy to get hung up on the small stuff and be overly hard on yourself, I'm talking taking negative comments to heart, feeling like you aren't posting enough, having to take a break from blogging due to illness and generally feeling like your blog isn't going anywhere, to name but a few things! But the fact is this worry and over-analyzing does zero good! I will admit this is something I still struggle with but for the most part I'm fine to miss a few days of blogging if I'm feeling off and I can except that negative comments will happen, actually I find them often amusing - it really is just how you look at it and getting in to a positive head space. So yes, rise above negative thoughts and stop sweating the small stuff. You will be a happier blogger for it! 

Have mini goals but don't get hooked on the numbers 
In a world of hundreds of 'succesful' blogs that have been around for years it's easy to set your heart on following suit. I mean wouldn't we all want our blogs to be read and loved by thousands?! But that simply doesn't happen over night, however hard you work at it or actually at all sometimes for that matter. So instead of setting your goals against the success of others, because after all comparison is the theft of joy, it's important to get small more realistic goals that you can actually achieve and pat yourself on the back for. Everyone's goals are different in life but it's important we set them at an achievable level at times so we can be proud of ourselves, often! It also means you have the excuse to celebrate with a makeup purchase or a cupcake... or three!

Be Social
I'm pretty sure a lot of you will think I'm talking about being active and friendly on social media here when I say "Be social" but I'm actually meaning have a life outside of blogging and don't let it take up too much of your time. I feel this is a huge tip for me as I blog/work online full-time, so my days are often spent alone without much human interaction.... unless you can call talking to my dog and her crying back at me as that. But whether your blog is your job or just a major hobby it's important to have that balance and always be aware when you're spending too much time alone and break that cycle. This can even mean going for a walk or even breaking up the day by blogging from a cafe, just being around people can be enough! This is a serious goal of mine that I really want to improve on this year because I know conversations with my dog and feeling like I'm best friends with Ellen Degeneres isn't the answer.

Hopefully you have found some of these tips helpful! I'd love to know your own tips to stay happy whether it be blogging related or in general life! 

Fee xo.

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