eBay Bargains #15 - Blogger Edition


1. Half Year Wall Planner (99p here) - Isn't this a bargain?! If you are into planning ahead when it comes to blogging then this may be perfect for you (you simple write in the months down the side). I've been toying with the idea of creating an editorial style calendar but planning for the whole year seems a little daunting, so something like this would be perfect, plus it's very cute!

2. White Tack (99p here) - Now why the hell am I suggesting white tac to you? Because it's a beauty bloggers must-have when photographing annoying rolling products! We've all been there when trying to photograph products on their sides and a tiny piece of white tac behind the product instantly solves this problem. Simple! 

3. Cute Post-it Note Diary (£1.99 here) - Another helpful little extra for bloggers here. Post-it notes are so handy and this lovely little set keeps them safe whilst also providing two notepads and a pen. 

4. Collapsible 2-in-1 Photography Reflector (£4.50 here) - If you struggle with good lighting then this may be just the thing. For portraits the gold side gives a more flattering light to the skin and the silver side offers a brighter light which is ideal for product photography i.e taking photos of makeup products! You generally see 5-in-1 reflectors but these are the only two shades you really need.

5. Portable Power Bank Phone Charger 10400mAh (£7.99 here) - If you're a blogger constantly on the go, or one that just uses your phone a lot then a power bank is something you need! As I need one myself I actually researched power banks and discovered a power bank such as this one will last around 4-5 full charges of your phone/device before needing to be re-charged fully, so you can keep it in your hangbag all weel without needing to re-charge it. Pretty handy! 

6. Coloured Acrylic Sheets (£5.25 per sheet at A3x3mm here) - Acrylic sheets make for great photography backgrounds! In fact I used two A3 white and black sheets for so many years to take my photos on as they are durable, look good in photos and are wipe-clean. You can see examples of my white gloss background here and my black gloss background here. The listing includes so many colour choices and a choice of gloss, frost or transparent finishes. I'd personally opt for the A3 size at 3mm.

7. Portable Power Bank Charger 2600mAh (£3.80 here) - Another power bank charger here for anyone that wants to keep one in their bag for emergencies. This is lightweight and small and gives a single full charge of a phone/device, making it ideal for them annoying times you run out of battery and really need to charge your phone.

8. Laptop Skin Covers (£6.99 here) - This is something I'm considering doing to my own laptop as the lid is a boring black and it would be nice to jazz it up a bit. The listing contains so many amazing designs, 50+ in fact, with the 2 above being my favourite.

Think I may have to do a 'part 2' of this blogging edition as I have so many other items on my watch list that are related to blogging! 

Fee xo.

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