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W7 is a brand I've definitely grown to love! I still have feelings that it's a copy-cat brand and I often wonder how they get away with it. But as a lover of bargains I can't resist their products! Their low-cost items are as good as any high street makeup brands, if not better, with many dupe-worthy products and great packaging. 

However a W7 stand is hard to come by, that is the down fall. But thankfully Xtras online, Amazon and eBay offer pretty much the entire range as well as free delivery!

Recently W7 have launched some amazing new products that are dupes for NYX, Urban Decay and Clinique, and all under £6.00... pretty good right?! Below are 4 launches that I've fully tried out and really feel I need to share with you! 


W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick 
Xtras - Fabulous Fuchsia here, Red Light here, Very Berry here, Candy Coral here, Pretty in Pink here.
First up the W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks which by the name and packaging are clearly trying to be the NYX Butter Lipsticks. But are they similar? Well as you can see the shades above are all pretty amazing but the formula (which you can possibly see from the swatches) does differ depending on the shade. Pinks and nudes seem to be the most opaque and creamy, very similar to the NYX Butter Lipsticks, but the reds seem to fall down a little, in that they are slightly sheerer and more balm like... though they can be built up to look pretty opaque. 

The Butter Lipsticks for the price for me as just great, they're so easy to apply, comfortable on the the lips, come in some amazing shades and I love how you can see the bullet of the lipstick through the packaging. However for me the lighter peachy/nude shades are just not wearable and make me look pretty corpse-like, not a look I intend to go for. For me the pinks and raspberry shades are where it's at - I seriously cannot get enough of Fabulous Fuchsia!!

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the NYC Butter Lipsticks (costs around £5 each) then I would definitely suggest picking up one or two shades from the W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick range to try out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed! 


W7 Lightly Toasted Eyeshadow Palette 
Amazon - £5.95 here
Next up a product that I've been eager to try out for a while, well I've been eager to try out at least one of the W7 eyeshadow palettes as I know they are dupes for the much more expensive Urban Decay Naked Palettes. The above palette is the W7 Lightly Toasted Palette which is a fairly new release and is a great dupe for the original Naked palette. Now I will admit I did expect less colour pay-off and fall-out from these shadows because I didn't believe it was possible for a palette to cost only £6 and contain 12 eyeshadows and be amazing. But I was wrong, oh how I was wrong! These look and feel perfect quality, yes there is a slightly less buttery feeling under the finger than the UD eyeshadows but actually that means less fall-out on application, especially with the super metallic shades. Plus I haven't experienced any excessive creasing, even by the end of the day. I also wasn't expecting to love the two matte shades that much either, as again this is where budget brands normally fall down but I found no chalky-ness and they just look great on the eyes. 

My favourite shades have to the middle of the palette for a seriously metallic smokey eye and the first three shades all work as great bases. Plus there is a seriously amazing cranberry metallic in the palette that I just love and have been using in the crease so much, I'm actually kicking myself I didn't swatch it for this post! Side note - These also come with names! Yes, finally a super budget brand that doesn't skip on naming their individual shades. You can expect cute names such as Teddy Bear, Wonderland, Magic and Its a Dream in this palette .

So if you are looking for a Naked palette alternative... because I don't think most want to spend £37 on a single palette, then this seriously is great! If you are into lighter neutral shades then the W7 In The Nude palette (£5.99 here) looks ideal.


W7 Chunky Cheeks Blusher Sticks 
Xtras - Paris here, Tokyo here
Onto cheeks now, with two Chunky Cheeks blush sticks (range includes 4 shades) that again I've been so impressed with. These are of course similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks but are a less creamy version I would say. But on the cheeks there really isn't much of a difference! 

The formula of these are a light cream on application and then when blended out it's clearly a powder finish but in a soft diffused way. The above shades are lovely colours with Tokyo just winning it for me, but I know in spring/summer I will get so much use out of Paris. As for application I found swiping these directly onto the cheeks and then blending with my fingertips to work just fine and even though they are quite a powder finish they just don't look dry on the skin... though if you do have dry skin already then you may want to give these a miss. 

Overall another product that just blows me away, especially for the price! Really how do W7 produce such great products?! WE NEED THEM IN BOOTS, DAMMIT?! 


W7 Go Corrective Green Concealer 
eBay - £3.25 hereLasting I have a pair of corrective concealers to share with you. First up is the W7 Go Corrective Concealer in Green that aims to neutralise red blemishes. This for me is a new type of product as I'm only use to trying out green correctors that aim to hide overall skin redness and don't have that concealer coverage. However this isn't that, but quite a thick green toned concealer that needs to be applied with a small brush or a light touch and blended out. I'm always wary of correctors so this fairly thick concealer I wasn't too sure of but with a light touch this works pretty damn well under foundation/concealer but I found blending it out is a must or be prepare to have a strange white/green cast to your skin. This also worked well over larger red areas when used on just primed or moisturiser skin to counteract any redness. All in all this product pleasantly surprised me but for me it's an extra set that I prefer to skip unless I've got a lot of redness from having a cold or an awfully red spot! 

W7 Go Corrective Lavender Concealer 
Amazon - £2.49 here
Next up the W7 Go Corrective Concealer in Lavender which is designed to hide away dark under eye circles, blemishes and dark spots. This again is quite an opaque formula and requires a light touch or to be applied with a blending brush. I was eager to try this out as with age I've seem a more swallow-ness to my under eye area that I'm keen to conceal but I have to admit this did nothing for me, except to counteract the dark shadows with quite a chalky white cast that under foundation still looked slightly strange and just too pale. This definitely was my least favourite product of the bunch and one I won't be reaching for but I still think this may work for more olive/warm skin tones unlike my already ghost-like appearance. 

Hope you've enjoyed these reviews! 
Have you tried anything from W7? I'd love to know your favourite products from the brand if so! 

Fee xo. 

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