5 Unusual Beauty Hacks To Try Out!


Last week I came across what has to be the most ridiculous and not to mention risky beauty hacks on YouTube - How to make mascara from Oreos. Seriously I don't even know where to start... so I just won't! But let's just say I was amazed and not in a good way! Though it did get me thinking about my own DIY beauty hacks, which seemed boring in comparison to Oreos girls but I decided I'd share them with you in a post none the less! 

So here are 5 of my own beauty hacks that may be new to you and hopefully are worthy of trying out.

1. Remove face masks with a makeup blending sponge 
When it comes to removing your face mask it can be hard not to soak the bathroom. Well that's at least what I've found! I've used muslin cloths, flannel and my hands to wash off face masks, yet water seems to inevitably run down my arms and all over the bathroom floor. My first solution was to apply face masks before a shower and rinse it off while I'm in there, which of course works. But then I had a light bulb moment as my foundation sponge was drying next to the sink - what if this soak-y uppy sponge could eliminate the excessive flooding of my bathroom when washing off a face mask? To cut a boring story short, it does, and it's amazing! You simply fill the sink with warm water, dip the sponge in and squeeze out the excess water, remove a portion of the face mask with the sponge, rinse and repeat until you're done. Also the precising tip of the sponge is great for the hairline without soaking the hair and well... up the nose too! Gone are the days I flood my bathroom when I just want to pamper myself!

2. Use body cream or conditioner as shaving cream 
This may be one you've already heard of, but as I use it so often and love it I thought it was worth including. This is as simple as lathering on hair conditioner or a light-ish body cream over your legs and then shaving them. This makes the razor glide over the skin with ease, plus it leaves your skin soft and not in need of extra moisturising. I personally use conditioner as it's in the shower with me and even use it on my under arms instead of soap, slightly TMI, but I've yet to have any razor cuts with this and much prefer it to foaming shaving creams and body washes that can dry the skin out.

3. Save drying out mascara with saline solution 
Now this may be a controversial one as messing with your mascara (a product with bacteria in it already due to the nature/use of it) isn't recommended and definitely shouldn't be tried on ancient mascaras that deserve to be in the bin. It's more for the mascaras that start to dry up/get thicker within a few months of purchase  - I'm looking as you YSL Faux Cils. This tip is actually using Saline Solution (can be found in most supermarkets and Boots) that's very safe and is actually used in the body in medical ways and also to clean contact lenses with, so it's safe. You simply add a drop or two to the tube of your mascara and gently mix with the wand of your mascara (a little shake with the lid on is also a good idea), you really don't want to be pumping the wand at all as this only adds air to the formula which breeds more bacteria. I've seen many tips on heating up mascaras in hot water to bring them back to life but as you can imagine that's a big no-no for creating more bacteria in the tube. But yes, this is my own personal tip that I've used many times and feel is safe to share with you!

4. Use a beauty box lid as a manicure/nail polish rest 
 We've all done it... sat in front of the TV balancing a magazine on our lap to paint our nails on. It kind of works until you flap your hands around and knock over a bottle of nail polish or the magazine decided to slip, but still we opt for magazines as the hand rest of choice. However there is a solution ... and that solution may just suit any beauty obsessed girl that's had a beauty box subscription (though other box lids will work fine I'm sure)! Yes, I'm talking about using the lid of a beauty box instead of a floppy magazine. Why a beauty box lid you ask, well it's the right size and strangely the lip of the longer side rests over the knees and stays in place as you paint your nails on it and stand your nail polishes on it. This is a slightly boring tip/beauty hack but I had to share it as gone are the days I grab a magazine  to do my nails on.

5. Use shimmery/glitter loose eyeshadow over nail polish 
This is a beauty hack I actually wrote about years ago and is my number one read blog post! I won't link to it as the images are just awful (note to self: freaking update it!) but feel free to Google image search 'Dazzle Dust on nails' if you want to see exactly what I mean. The idea of this is to paint your nails as normal, apply a small amount of loose eyeshadow powder or fine glitter to bottom of the nail, on the skin and not the nail itself, then blow over the still drying nail polish. This creates an amazing effect that can be sealed with a clear top coat to stop it washing off. My favourite combination is black nails with a Barry M gold or bronze Dazzle Dust or nude nails with a fine bronze glitter (you can find these in all craft stores). Also once the top coat is fully dry to can wash your hands removing the excess loose powder from around your cuticles. 

Hope you've discovered something new to try out! Let me know if you have any unusual beauty hacks you like to do. 

Fee xo. 

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