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Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub has been an established favourite of mine for a long time but after months of using it over winter I decided I needed to search for something less comforting and more energising. 

This led to many near nose dippings into body scrubs in Boots as smell for me is of main importance. Ten inhaled body scrubs later I had found the one - Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. I had gone full circle and found myself back at S&G. I may have actually spent over 5 minutes continuously sniffing the pot I was about to buy as I literally couldn't get enough of the zingy sugary lime scent. 

Fast forward two months, I still can't get enough of the sweet lime scent and it's now my favourite product to use in the shower... which speaks volumes if you could see how 'busy' my shower is.


Sugar Crush Body Scrub 

Amazing lime scent aside that smells exactly like Coca-Cola with Lime, including the fizz, this is an amazing scrub that doesn't feel harsh on the skin but gets the job done. Ideal for all over to keep skin smooth or rubbed into skin a bit more vigorously to ensure exfoliated pre-tanned skin.

With a mix of brown sugar and macadamia grains plus almond oil this gives the most perfect scrubbed feeling and paired with the zesty summer scent it really is an amazing product! Only negative really could be that it does have a tendency to fall off the skin as you're rubbing it in, so you do feel like some is wasted. 

You can purchase a huge 300ml tub of S&G Sugar Crush Body Scrub from Boots for £8.00 here or in-store.  


Sugar Crush Body Buttercream 

As you can see I decided to also buy the matching Sugar Crush Body Buttercream, something I hardly ever do. But as I enjoyed the scent so much in the shower I wanted prolong it on my skin as much as I could. Seriously if this was a perfume I would be buying it. 

Soap & Glory Body Buttercreams I feel stand out from all the other high street moisturisers as the instensly fragranced butter-like body moisturisers that really do hydrate and moisture the skin. Instantly for smelling it I knew I would love the Sugar Crush version as with the same scent as the scrub it was juicy smelling and uplifting. After morning showers where I use the Sugar Crush Body Scrub I now follow with the Body Buttercream pretty much from head to toe. Even when overly applying the buttercream as I love it too much it soaks into the skin within minutes leaving it feeling fresh and moisturised and not all that greasy. 

You can purchase a  300ml tub of S&G Sugar Crush Body Buttercream from Boots for £10.50 here or in-store. 

This duo is now my favourite summer body care combination even on rainy days. If you are looking for a summer appropriate body scrub or moisturiser make sure to give these a try, especially with the Boots 3 for 2 offer! 

Fee xo.

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