On my Fragrance Shelf...


After a few recent fragrance purchases I decided to re-organise and re-house my perfume collection. For months they had been collecting dust is a rubbish looking beauty box as I didn't have the space for them on my makeup desk

But my new purchases of some pretty perfumes bottles that deserved to be displayed nicely prompted me to clear a shelf that would become my new fragrance shelf. 

With a bazillion perfumes I decided to edit down my collection and just display the ones I'm currently wearing: basically all my summer scents. 
Placing my perfumes solely on the shelf would look a little bland so I decided to keep a framed Ohh Deer card from ASOS just behind my grouped together scents and a key cabinet that I use as jewellery storage. Plus a few other bits and bobs that filled the shelf and made it look pretty.


At the front of my perfume collection I decided to display a few miniatures I've been using and loving recently. From left to right: Calvin Klein Eternity, The Body Shop Coconut Perfume Oil, Maurer & Wirtz 4711 and Salvatore Signorina Eleganza.

Spring scent of my shelf would be Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and Paul Smith Rose, also Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice as I feel it's both a spring and summer scent. For summer scents, which I have been purchasing like a crazy woman recently, I decided to display Britney Spears Circus Fantasy (impulse purchase in Bodycare because it was £5.99), Estee Lauder Sensuous, Cavalli Just Cavalli, Vera Wang Princess, Jimmy Choo Flash and Guerlain Insolence

However my current favourites would have to be Vera Wang Princess which I recently treated myself to after spotting a huge 100ml bottle on Amazon for only £24.65 here and Guerlain Insolence as it smells just like Parma Violet sweets, again currently a bargain on Boots at £29.99 for 30ml here.

From an overflowing box of perfumes sat on my makeup room floor to an edited elegant shelf of fragrances. A 10 minute task that made such a difference!

Where do you store your perfumes? 

Fee xo.

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