Oh My Haul - May 2014


Haul time again! 
I viewed May as a slim month for purchases but being a blogger, haul posts always tell a different story. Though when collecting everything together I realised how happy I was with everything I'd purchased over the past month.

May was a month of holiday buys, too many fragrance purchases, compulsory nail polishes and lots of random treats to myself - it was my birthday month after all. It also may just be me but come sunnier months my urge to buy new summer releases/products is a lot stronger!

Here are just a few things I bought in May...


Technic Glitter Nail Polishes 
£1.99 each - Bodycare in-store 
If someone were to look at my nail polish collection and then see me purchasing more they would undoubtedly think I had a problem. In fact I'd be inclined to agree with them but when you step into a shop (Bodycare in this instance) and spot £1.99 glitter nail polishes that are as amazing as the ones above, my head and heart just can't say no! 

Above from left to right I have - Technic Miss Millie, Technic Money Bags and Technic The Blues. Also a sneaky £1 Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Sandy Nude from Pound World. Love them all so much!


Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother 1 Minute Polishing Scrub 
£4.49 - Boots, Superdrug or Tesco 
More and more I'm seeing advanced haircare products... almost like BB Creams of the hair care world but Garnier Ultimate Blends is the first range on the high street to offer some interesting products like this. I was temped by the 7-in-1 Silky Dry Shampoo but then I spotted this and I had to give it a go. Only used the interesting scrub twice so far so can't give it a full review just yet but I was more than pleased with how soft it left my hair. A really interesting product!

Garnier Intensice 7 Day Body Lotion for Dry to Extra Dry Skin
On Offer £2.09 - Boots here
Generic body lotion purchase here that isn't all that interesting. I have more than enough dry oils and body butters so I thought I'd try out a new body lotion and as this was on offer I thought I'd give it a go. Love the shea butter scent and it seems to do the job. Not sure if it would cut it though for anyone with super dry skin.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection BB Cream in Fair 
On Offer £8.66 - Boots here 
I've been loving L'Oreal products lately so when I spotted a few new releases on offer in Boots I decided to give something new a go and of course it had to be the product with the pink ombre packaging! This is yet another BB Cream but actually I like it... like a lot. Doesn't give a huge deal of coverage but enough to blur out imperfections and evens out skin tone. Also the 'fair' shade is spot on for my pale skin, unlike a lot of BB Creams. Maybe not worth £12.99 but with a £4+ saving I'm pleased with it!


Perfumes, Perfumes, Perfumes! 
Three new perfumes in one months seems a little excessive but I seem to go through phases of buying lots of one type of product and this month it seems to be scents! With summer just around the corner I'm into anything floral and couldn't be more pleased with my recent buys especially at the reduced priced I got them all at.

Vera Wang Princess EDT 100ml 
£24.65 - Amazon here 
Vera Wang Princess has been a summer favourite of mine for a good few years now but in my head I'd put it up there as being an expensive high end fragrance. So when I spotted a huge 100ml bottle on Amazon for only £25 I didn't hesitate to treat myself to it. I'm no expert when it comes to describing scents but to me this is a warm almost creamy fruity/floral perfume that is beyond perfect for summer.

Cavalli Just Cavailli 30ml 
£25.50 - Escentual here 
This was an on-holiday purchase for around 22 euros. After having a smell of this scent in Boots over a year ago now, it had been on my mental list of things to treat myself to, so when I spotted it in a little Spanish pharmacy I felt the time was right. I don't overly love the bottle but this seriously smells amazing and already I've had a few comments when wearing it.

Britney Spears Fantasy Circus 30ml 
£7.95 - Amazon here 
Having never smelt this specific Britney Spears perfume before it was very much an impulse buy but at such a great price I just couldn't resist. Like all Britney Spears perfumes this is youthful fruity floral that I can just spritz all over in summer. I will even confess that I love the ultra tacky bottle!


Write it Down Notebook 
£4.00 - Homesense 
With already a million and one notebooks I definitely didn't need another but I love finding unique and pretty notebooks. Homesense is great for this along with all stationary. I plan to make this my new blogging book for post ideas and anything blog related I want to write down. 

The Night Rainbow by Claire King 
£1.95 - Amazon here
Most of my book purchases last month have been from charity shops but whilst browsing through Amazon I spotted this bargain paperback that I thought I'd give a try. This looks like a nice summer read with a child narrator - something I always enjoy.  


Other little purchases...

Whilst on holiday I came across a little shop that sold semi-precious stones and crystals and instantly knew they would look perfect in my 'Little Things' Box (£6.99 - Homebase here). I still have a few more spaces to fill but absolutely love how it looks! I also picked up a lovely little trinket box from a local gift shop last weekend. It's only cardboard but I thought it would be nice to store bracelets in and display on a shelf. 

Also the bag you can see in this post is also a new purchase! Such an amazing holiday/beauty bag buy from ASOS for only £19.99 here

As always if you want to see a review or full post of anything here just let me know and I will bump it up my things-to-blog-about list!

Fee xo.

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