Perfect Palette Tag


 At the weekend I collected all my palettes together and decided to sit down and finally do the Perfect Palette Tag! This is a tag I have wanted to do in the longest time as I have enjoyed reading so many of these and discovering other people's favourite palettes. 

Hope you enjoy discovering my favourites and all the pretty photos - eyeshadow heaven right here!


1. Best Packaging 
Without a doubt Kiko! I'm not sure I could pick a specific palette as all the limited edition eyeshadow palettes are amazing. Just so unique and creative. Above are just two of the palettes I own and they really do stand out in my collection. Kiko's packaging it also always good quality and palettes are affordable. 


2. Best Colour Payoff 
Again a brand first springs to mind with Sleek as their eyeshadows just have the most amazing pigmentation. But if I had to pick one palette it would be the iDivine Storm palette... I mean just look at the intensity of that blue shade, just amazing right? As you can see it's a well love palette and one of my favourites/most used before discovering the Urban Decay Naked palettes.


3. Best for Travelling 
Oh this is an easy one! The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette has to be the best for travel. It's compact, light, contains a mirror and all the shades I'd personally want. From the lightest shade that works as a great base and brow highlight to the darkest which is ideal for using as eyeliner on an angled brush. I even use the two brown shades together for my eyebrows. I'd recommend this to anyone that loves a neutral/smokey eye.

4. Most Versatile 
Quite a newly acquired palette here from the lovely Tanzina (she blogs at Makeup A to Z!) who I did a little makeup swap with last month. The NYX Wicked Dreams boasts an impressive 24 eyeshadows in quite a compact palette that is ultra slim. This offers so many great shades and possibilities


5. Best Colour Names 
As a huge lover of Christmas it has to be the eyeshadows names of the Too Faced Joy To The Girls palette. All the names have a holiday theme to them, my favourites being - Cookie Dough, Snow Angel, Prancer and Twinkle. Just super cute and fun! I do also feel Sleek deserve a mention here as for quite a long time they didn't name the eyeshadows in their palettes however after listening to bloggers they now creatively name them all!


6. Biggest Regret 
This was a tough one as I don't really regret any palette but I decided to go with the Urban Decay Rollergirl palette. This is far from an awful palette but I feel the packaging is a little tacky and not to my taste plus what were Urban Decay thinking with a shimmer pink eyeshadow along side three neutrals... it makes no sense.


7. Least Used
I feel I should hang my head in shame with this one as it's such a beautiful palette that should be loved! I received the Too Faced Joy to the Girls palette last December from a very kind PR company and didn't blog about it due to it being out of stock everywhere. I hoped it would come back in stock but as it was a holiday/Christmas themed palette it just didn't. So the palette sadly remained in my 'to blog about' pile after only using it a few times. The shades in the palette are more towards the party season though there are quite a few neutrals that I love so I really should put this on my desk and use it more!


8. Most Used/Desert Island 
Without a doubt the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! Heaven forbid I couldn't use any other eyeshadow palette I'm pretty sure I would be happy with this alone. I use the Naked 2 palette most times I apply my makeup and love all 12 shades. There are now 4 palettes in the Naked range and this is 100% the most perfect palette for anyone with fair skin. Love, love, love the Naked 2! 

Feel free to also do the Perfect Palette Tag, as I tag everyone! 

Fee xo.

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